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Where to Find Trending Jewelry for 2015 in Saskatoon

posted by Elle    |   November 12, 2014 22:06

As the snow and chill set in, I feel like winter provides a perfect excuse for me to shop for a few additions to my wardrobe. I don’t know what it is, but I get a little extra pep in my step when I’m wearing jeans or a top that are new to me, even when they are second-hand. But sometimes the shopping process can be tiring, as all that trying-on usually wipes me out pretty quickly. 

Thankfully, I’ve found that the same feeling of new-clothing exhilaration I was talking about can be achieved with something as small as a new pair of earrings. The same goes for any type of accessory really- hats, gloves, bags, shoes, but especially jewelry. Fashion is all about the extras, and fun jewelry details can take a basic outfit to the next level. Here are a few of the jewelry trends we are seeing this winter and into 2015. 


I am loving one of the latest trends for this season, an earring in just one ear. I got my favourite solo earring at Back Then & Again, where you can find a nice selection of vintage earrings missing their match. Its the perfect way to rock this trend.


Minimalistic studs work well with the mismatched trend, with one stud worn alongside a more dramatic earring in the other ear. Twisted Goods has some unique, easily mixable studs from Jayu

Estate Earrings 

If it looks borrowed from your Grandma, its a winner. If your Grandma isn’t willing to share, pay a visit to Stasia Boutique for bold consignment pieces, or Back Then & Again where vintage baubles abound. 


Pendant Necklaces 

The statement necklace trend is predicted to be outdone in 2015 by the classic pendant. Options by Trish recently released the gorgeous Timeless Pendant, which is designed and made here in Saskatoon by the talented Trish Hoffart. 

Whether you’re looking for something vintage or second hand, locally crafted, or simply cute and unique, the locally owned shops in My Saskatoon's Accessories Category have got you covered. Enjoy shopping local this holiday season! 

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