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How to get the most Relaxation out of your next Spa Pedicure

posted by Noël    |   December 11, 2013 09:00

Recently, I used a gift card that I had been holding onto for over a year, and treated myself to an afternoon at one of the local spas here in Saskatoon. I absolutely love the spa, mainly because it is a time when my world becomes very silent. When I used to travel a lot with my job, I would treat myself to the spa at least once every quarter to unwind and relax. However, ever since I started my own business, I rarely find the time to get to the spa and only push myself to schedule an appointment when I am desperate enough for a treatment. Typically these treatments come in the form of pedicures.

My go-to spa for a pedicure in Saskatoon is Edgewater Spa on Broadway. I've always had nothing but great service there, and am constantly recommending the spa to my family and friends. I think what I enjoy most about Edgewater is the professionalism of the spa staff.

When I go to a spa I am desiring silence and solitude, even if that is only for an hour long pedicure. I am definitely not a Chatty Cathy when I am at the spa. What I appreciate about the Edgewater staff is that they understand this and aren't at all upset when I'm not interested in entertaining a conversation for the next hour or two. I never feel pressured to engage in conversation, and this makes my experience all that more enjoyable. No one to answer to, no subsurface conversations, no noise, just pure relaxation.

I've had my share of energy draining salon and spa experiences in the past. I think that many people feel they need to maintain a conversation with the spa staff, especially when they are having a pedicure or a manicure.

So how do you ensure that your next pedicure experience is a relaxing one? Here are a few suggestions I've put together that have helped me enjoy my pedicures time after time.

  • Speak with the spa staff and explain that you are looking to have the most relaxing experience and are in need of some quiet time during the treatment.

If you're not into being direct, here are some indirect things you could do:

  • Bring your iPod and listen to music with your ear buds.
  • Consider investing in a 'sleeping eye mask' or alternatively close your eyes the moment you have the opportunity to do so.
  • Bring a book or read a magazine.

The best advice that I could give anyone is to be prepared. Know in advance how you would like the treatment to make you feel, and then do whatever you need to do to ensure that it goes your way. Trust me, there is nothing better than leaving the spa feeling relaxed and refreshed. Even if it's taken you a year to use that gift card.

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