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5 Things: Women's Clothing, Fitness & Food in Saskatoon

posted by My Saskatoon    |   February 20, 2015 09:38

1. Sick of your current home gym equipment? You can trade it in and save up to $250 on something new at Fitness Solutions!

2. In celebration of the Chinese New Year, The Hollows is hosting an amazing 9 course dinner. Space is limited, so check out the details here.

3. Wondering how to use the new parking system being implemented in Saskatoon today? Watch this helpful video.
4. Paramount Day Spa & Boutique just brought in a fun new line of spring clothing, which you can check out here
5. That must mean spring is coming! It's only 28 more days away! :)
Enjoy your Friday!

Valentine's Day in Saskatoon for Couples & Singles

posted by My Saskatoon    |   February 6, 2015 13:20

Whether single or taken, you’re probably well aware that Valentine’s Day is right around the corner. There can be a lot of pressure surrounding this day, so for those of you who need some inspiration we've put together a little list of fun things to do in Saskatoon this V-Day. If you're single, remember that the love theme of the day doesn't have to be about romance. Valentine’s Day is a perfect excuse to go above and beyond to cherish the loving relationships you have with your friends and family. Any of the following ideas can be turned into a girls' night or fun family excursion! 

Source: Pinterest 

Wanna go out?

It’s supposed to warm up just in time for V-Day! As much as we tire of winter here in Saskatoon, a snowy backdrop and twinkly lights certainly lends a festive vibe to an outdoorsy activity. Head to the Cameco Meewasin Skating Rink and cut some laps with your love, or round up a few friends and celebrate with a group skate. Follow it up with a visit to the stunning Frosted Gardens at the Delta Bessborough.

Would you prefer to stay indoors while you're out? Local restaurant Calories on Broadway is hosting a special Valentine's dinner menu with live entertainment on both February 13th and 14th. Reservations are highly recommended! Check out the Calories Facebook page for the details. We'd also highly recommend spending the evening of February 13th enjoying your favourite Broadway and jazz love songs at The Bassment. More information can be found here.

Looking for an activity that's a little more anti-valentine-esque? There are some great Canadian hockey match-ups happening on February 14th, as well as the annual Motorsports Spectacular at SaskTel Centre, conveniently held each year in Saskatoon on Valentine's Day!

Source: Pinterest

Rather stay in?

Planning a night in? We love the idea of building an indoor tent for your sweetheart or BFFs. Use your imagination and supplies you have on hand, or get some inspiration here. Put together a nice charcuterie board from The Bulk Cheese Warehouse or grab takeout from Keo’s Kitchen. Don’t forget to pick up a bottle of wine from Ingredients!

If you'd rather do the cooking yourself, local Saskatoon foodie Renée Kohlman has a ton of amazing recipes on her blog, Sweetsugarbean. We think Renée's recipe for Chocolate & Blood Orange Pots de Crème would be a perfect V-Day dessert. If you're trying to keep things on the healthy side, her recipe for Chocolate Pistachio Energy Bites sounds amazing too!

Photo Credit: Renée Kohlman

We also love the idea of giving back on V-Day. Getting together to do something for others increases the bond you share with your friends and loved ones. Spread the love by giving back to our community on Valentine’s Day, whether through a random act of kindness or giving your time or financial support to a local cause that speaks to your heart. 

We hope that you are inspired to honour those you love in a special way next weekend! If you hear of any other fun Valentine's Day events happening in Saskatoon, please let us know in the comments so we can share them! 

Eat Local at Bon Temps Café

posted by David    |   February 25, 2014 11:23

Business in Saskatoon is booming, and unique new restaurants are popping up all over downtown. One of the latest new places is Bon Temps Café on 2nd Ave, offering Louisiana Cuisine at its finest.

photo credit: Bon Temps Café

The Bon Temps theme includes home cooking from the cajun bayous and the upscale Creole cuisine of New Orleans. The decor replicates the atmosphere of a typical Bourbon Street bar and grille, and the music has a distinct blues flavor to it.   

I had heard good things about Bon Temps, so I decided to go there for some wings and fries with my brother. The first thing I noticed as I walked in was the unique atmosphere. Secondly, I found that the prices were more reasonable than I expected. We ordered Louisiana Hot Flappers (wings) and Bon Temps Fries. The food came out within 10-15 minutes, and I immediately noticed how good the fries looked. While the wings were good, these fries were the best I’ve had in Saskatoon. The large serving was only 4 dollars and easily shared by two people. They were so good, I’d go back just for them.

Bon Temps is also supportive of local music artists, as Phoenix Lauren and the Strength were playing a live show. A full list of upcoming entertainment can be found on the Bon Temps website. The music was really good and I felt as if I was getting way more value than what was charged on my tab. Live music, a unique atmosphere, great food, and reasonable prices all in the same place- what more could you ask for on a Friday night out? 

While it may be easy to choose from the long list of chain restaurants available in our city, I would encourage you to try one of our new local restaurants this weekend. Bon Temps is a great example of a unique local spot. Places like this may be a little bit hidden from our mainstream view or are off the beaten path, but offer much more quality than you could find at any chain restaurant. Eat local at Bon Temps Cafe!

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