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Glitter And Gold Christmas DIY

posted by My Saskatoon    |   December 10, 2015 14:25
 Here are a few of our favourite Christmas DIY ideas! We are loving the glitter and gold this year and these easy and affordable crafts can make great gifts for the season.


Spray Paint a white coffee mug or wine glass with gold paint. A simple but thoughtful gift for your friend or sister! Add some of her favourite coffee beans in the cup for that extra touch.





Not only will this DIY craft keep your little ones busy, it will also be great oversized art for your home this Christmas. Spray paint popsicle sticks gold and hot glue them together in shapes of snowflakes.



Your friends and family will appreciate this extra touch in your gift-giving this year when you make your own tags! The supplies include mod podge, a foam brush, glitter, twine, ink pads and alphabet stamps. You can use any type of material for the cards, although cork material could be very nice and durable!





A perfect gift exchange idea! All you need is a clear bulb and letter stickers in any font you like. Fill the bulb with colourful glitter and tie a pretty bow on top. This DIY is easy and affordable and obviously very personal.

 The My Saskatoon Team

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New Years Eve at Leyda's in Saskatoon

posted by My Saskatoon    |   December 9, 2015 14:46


Are you looking for a great night out this New Year's Eve? Join your friends at Leyda's for delicious food and live music! Check out what Leyda's is serving on New Year's Eve here.  Skip the wait in the lobby and book online, one of Leyda's newest feature!


Leyda's weekly food specials, focusing on whole foods, gluten and nut free foods.  



Head to Leyda's Spotlight Profile for more information on the cafe, social media, hours and location.

 The My Saskatoon Team

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My Top 10 Favourite Family Christmas Traditions

posted by My Saskatoon    |   December 7, 2015 11:12

Today's blog is brought to you by Laura Gawletz of Stretch Remarks. Laura is a mother of two and writes about being honest about parenting, healthy choices and home in her blogs!

Today we went and spent some time at my Auntie’s.  She was excited to share one of her favourite Christmas movies with us.  One of her family’s favourite traditions is getting together to watch holiday movies.  When I was a child I did not realize that all families had different ways of celebrating the holidays.  We moved around quite a bit and you would think my life would be so different from year to year.  However, my parents really had a way of practicing holiday traditions that glued the houses and our experiences together.  These are some examples of my favourite family Christmas Traditions, and how no matter where we were, our holidays were magical. I would love to follow, bring some of my husband’s family traditions and create some in my own family so that my children will feel as fond about the holidays as I do.



#10 Celebrating the Advent Season:
Durning Advent,  Mom would hide the Mary and Joseph of our nativity scene throughout the house.   They were on their travels before Christmas.  Jesus was never in the manger until Christmas morning. It was like our version of Elf on a Shelf, except they didn’t dive into the marshmallows or play with ribbons.  However, for my Advent’s at home I am thinking I might get Mary and Joseph to do some fun things each day and mix the two ideas.  Finding them was my favourite part of Advent.  My sisters and I did not get to keep a Chocolate Advent Calendar.  I only remember one year where I got one and I had to wait until after Christmas to eat all the little chocolates.  Imagine a child, opening the doors each day, and not getting to eat the tiniest little chocolate ever made.  No harm done, I turned out okay.  I do however, fondly remember the Advent wreath we kept and lit at home.  Every night before dinner, Mom would light the Advent wreath.  I know that this is a practice many families do at home.  Even if we didn’t get the tree up until later in the season, the wreath was on the table, getting us excited for the holiday!  It is a memory that highlighted the season for me, and so I will hope to carry on this tradition in preparation for Christmas.  I enjoyed getting to light the candles as I grew up.  During Advent, we donated.  We did not get many treats in December.  Looking back I realize it was to save and provide us with the best holiday my parents could.  Just like in Lent though, when we went grocery shopping in Advent, Mom would take any extra money that would maybe go towards a treat during the normal year and bought food for the food bank.  If we didn’t donate at the grocery store, we would get assigned a less fortunate family to buy presents for.  It was a tradition that showed us we did not need the treats.  We can do without a chocolate bar in the line up, when someone else gets to eat a meal or have a present to open.  We were always encouraged to give back year round.  We still are.


#9 Decorating the Tree as a Family:
Each year was the same.  Even though some years we had a real tree and some years we had an artificial tree – each year was the same.  Mom and Dad would set up the tree, get the branches to fall just right.  After some discussion, the tree was spun until just perfectly set.  Then the discussion was louder as the lights were strung.  Then it was all Mom as she hung the garland just right.  There was drooping red layers at the the bottom and more glittery strands towards the top.  Finally, that evening, one by one we were handed an ornament from Mom to put on the tree.  We enjoyed sharing stories and memories of each special ornament.  Dad would help hang the tall ones.  I liked that we shared this as a family every year.  The ornaments even had traditional spots on the tree.  It was predictable but cozy.  The tinsel was such a tedious job, but Mom liked making each strand look like an icicle dangling.  No clumps allowed!  I enjoy putting up the decorations with my husband and son, now sons.  My four year old loves decorating the house and the tree especially.  There are groups of ornaments all over the bottom of the tree.  This is totally fine with me because I love that he likes examining them for the whole season.

#8 Not Picking Names:
These days our families are growing.  Over time we have decided to switch off who we exchange gifts with.  We have changed from picking names to now doing just the nephews.  I’m okay with this, I really just need to see family and let the little ones open the gifts. However, growing up I enjoyed having all the siblings and parents give to one another.  I enjoyed picking little gifts for my older sisters, or drawing them pictures on their cards.  Mom and Dad encouraged us to give.  Finding or making small items for each other was fun.  I have a lot of memories of buying small gifts at craft fairs for my sisters.  I’m sure they were not the best presents but it was the spirit of giving that mattered.  I hope that my children grow up wanting to make or find things that they recognize would make other people happy.

#7 Keeping Presents Hidden:
In our home, presents were not under the tree prior to the morning of Christmas.  We all bought, or made gifts for each other, and hid them in our rooms.  Any gifts that was given to us from our extended family were kept hidden from us as well.  Then on Christmas Eve, my sisters and I would bring our family gifts and put them beside our stockings.  On Christmas morning, the surprise was a huge bunch of gifts under the tree organized by Santa himself!  It was wonderful to have a big surprise to stare at!  This made the morning wait time entertaining.  We could peek from an arms length to look at tags and wonder what was inside.  No touching, otherwise they would all turn to dust!  Sometimes there was measuring from a distance, if you’re my sister.

#6 Baking Day:
I mostly enjoyed the eating portion of the dough and baking, in general.  However I was always excited for the blasting of Christmas music on a warn out old cassette.  Baking day was fun.  I know now as an adult that it is a daunting  task and a whole lot of work.  Mom will probably also say, it wasn’t just one day.  In my head it was one gigantic day of bowls of dough in the fridge, trays spread out and flour on the counter.  Out of the left over dough, Mom would get us to make Dad his own jam danish.  I’m not sure it was a danish exactly.  Dough folded into a star with jam in the middle and baked with butter on top… In any case – none of us ever got to eat it.  I think that might be one of Dad’s favourite traditions.

#5 Carolling:
After working in retail you come to hate the last day before Christmas.  My retail scars are beginning to heal finally and I can look back at the fun years of the night before Christmas.  The tradition has evolved now a days.  We try to get together before the holidays with cousins and even after the new year to connect and share a meal.  While we were growing up, Christmas Eve was an event!  We would usually go to church, and then gather with family after.  There would be treats and snacks to share!  I loved the food. The best part of the night, and probably most debated/hated/missed is the carolling.  We did not go door to door.  We sat in a big circle and all read off lyric sheets.   Some people would say they did not… but everyone enjoyed it.  We each got to pick a carol and we would all have to join in singing.  The songs were owned by certain people and you would not dare say someone else’s before it was the correct turn.   There were different lyric sheets, so it would take a bunch of time for people to coordinate the correct pages and numbers.  Everyone knew the words but still we wasted time as people insisted on having the song in front of them. These days we do not often have time to get out the carol books, but it is something I’d like to make sure happens with my children on Christmas Eve at home.  How will our children learn the songs if they aren’t forced to sing them off key in a group?

#4  Stockings Only:
On Christmas morning, not before 7:30AM, we would wake up each sister one by one, depending on who was up first.  Slowly we’d creep into the dimly lit living room where just the tree’s lights were sparkling.  There under the tree, a bunch of never before seen presents would be laid out.  Of course, we’d shake our Mom and Dad awake begging them to come to where the stockings were stuffed with goodies for the morning!  The stockings were the only things we could open before brunch!  We couldn’t touch anything else orlegend said it would all turn to dust.  Only one year did we dare touch a tag.  We flipped it over in hopes of seeing who the art easel would be given to.  Why would Santa leave a present unwrapped, knowing that we couldn’t read who it was to?  It didn’t turn to dust to our surprise!  But we would have never tried again.  We had to occupy ourselves with whatever treasures were in the stockings.  Digging through the stocking was a tradition in itself.  First was the gifts (sometimes even wrapped).  This is different for my husband, and he only just started wrapping stocking gifts.  We would usually receive a game or puzzle item that would get us through the morning.  We would also usually receive a bunch of candy in a baggie to munch while opening presents or to scarf down while finishing stockings, right Dad?  There would maybe be an item to complete our Christmas outfit or hair clips.  In addition to the surprises we relied on the traditional gifts.  Every year, we would dig through and unwrap a new toothbrush!  Who doesn’t need a new toothbrush?  Man, Santa really knew what he was doing.  At the toe of the stocking would be one of the favourites.  At last, we would reach to the bottom of the sock an orange filled the toe.  Simple, not crazy or expensive.

#3 Brunch First:
Usually, we would have gone to church the night before, so Christmas morning brunch was the biggest hurdle to achieve before opening gifts.  A wonderful brunch of the Eve’s left overs and some bacon and eggs! Finally, Meat!  Of course it was delicious, but what were all thinking was how fast can we finish, get the dishes done and convince our Dad that he didn’t need a nap before gifts this year!  Every year after cleaning up the table Dad would insist that he was tired, he needed a nap!  Looking back I’m sure he did!  We learned later that often he and Mom were wrapping gifts all night on Christmas Eve!   When I was young I didn’t care how tired he was: I had waited all year for this; waited all morning for this…time to get started!  It was an even longer morning if we didn’t get to church the night before!  I guess the waiting made it more exciting to spend the whole afternoon together opening gifts.

#2 Opening Presents One by One:
On TV or in movies we often see Christmas morning as a mass chaos of ribbons, bows, paper and presents scattered around the room.  It seems as though everyone has a race to open presents!  I’m not sure how this is in real life.  If people do this I’d love to hear how it all goes down because that is the exact opposite of our opening presents tradition.  We would all get a spot in the room and one at a time our Dad would hand us a gift.  We all had to wait our turn.  Opening gifts would take all afternoon, but we enjoyed it!  We got to see and acknowledge each item, and see what everyone got!  It was fun, and I don’t think I could have it any other way. However, it would be interesting to see a random opening fest!

#1 Creating new traditions and reliving old ones with my children and nephews!     Seeing the holidays through a child’s eyes is a beautiful experience.  I like observing how breathtaking everything is for each child as they grow.  They are still surprised.  The holiday spirit is so genuine and contagious!  Every year I get more moved by how thrilled my son is and how magical the Christmas season is for him!  Kids keep the spirit of the season alive!

Now that I’ve grown up, I understand that families all have different traditions.  These rituals make the family unique and the holidays special.  It interests me where each tradition begins and how families keep these traditions going, or how they evolve.  Some people have every gift from Santa in the stockings, and not under the tree.  Some families open presents on Christmas Eve, or get a new pair of pajamas.  My sister’s family cut down their own Christmas tree each year.  Every year Santa brings my son a new Christmas book in his stocking.  I want to make sure I keep some traditions going and that my husband and I start some of our own.  Whatever the tradition, keep it up!  The memories and family experiences are the real spirit of the season.






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Ready For The Holidays With Mr.Green Cleaning In Saskatoon

posted by My Saskatoon    |   December 2, 2015 14:57

 Are you hosting a house full of family this Christmas season? While you are busy shopping and preparing for the big day, call Mr. Green Cleaning Services for the cleaning!




Mr. Green Cleaning Services is a green cleaning company with 3 years of commercial and residential cleaning experience. We use advanced equipment and eco-friendly methods to clean your space. Our passion is a cleaning job well done, and a satisfied customer. 

We take great pride in providing professional services, reliable quality and very competitive pricing to our clients. 

We invite you to make our company your one-stop for both residential and commercial cleaning. When you invite Mr. Green Cleaning Services into your home or business, you can rest assured that your space will be cleaner and greener than ever before. 

If you are looking for residential and commercial cleaning services. Call us at: 306.382.1700

For more information please contact us online




You can check out Mr. Green's Cleaning Services Spotlight Profile here.


 The My Saskatoon Team

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'Tis The Season For Festive Decor

posted by My Saskatoon    |   November 30, 2015 11:57

 Our guest blogger today is an Interior Designer from Rosetown, Saskatchewan and is currently located in Alberta. Tegan Derksen has the perfect decor trends for your home this Christmas Season.


December has nearly arrived which means I am officially allowed to decorate for the holidays. For me, the holiday season makes the snow and cold all worthwhile.  I could not imagine Christmas without the smell of cinnamon and pine and certainly couldn’t imagine it without the white stuff outside. It truly is a beautiful time of year, if you can get over having cold toes! Besides setting up the tree and hanging the stockings, there are several ways to make your home feel festive.

Garland: Bows of garland strung throughout the house is a great way to decorate. You can drape it along the top of your cabinetry in the kitchen; wrap it around the stair railing or in door openings between rooms. Garland has more options than just the typical (yet classic) faux greenery as there are now tons of ideas online for DIY garland made of Christmas balls, burlap and/or scraps of festive fabric.

Spell it out: Create your own festive message with a banner. Cut triangles (or another shape, if you prefer) out of fabric or paper and draw a letter on each piece then simply hang on a string and drape your message wherever you’d like. Or go big with oversized letter cut outs and lean against the wall on your shelf or mantle. Use your favorite colors, textures and sparkles to add an extra special personal touch.

Trinkets: There are so many festive trinkets to make your home feel special at this time of year. Snowmen, reindeer, owls, nativity scenes, elves, Santas, nutcrackers… the list could go on and on. Tuck them into corners and layer them on shelves and buffet tops.

Lights: String lights inside and out. Combine small string lights with garland or use them as a standalone feature in place of garland. Outside you can use lights to trace the outline of your home or decorate trees in the yard. I am not a big outdoor light-show kinda girl but I enjoy seeing creative use of lights to make your house shine.

Wreath: Nothing says “welcome to our home” during the holidays like a wreath hanging on the front door. Whether you purchase one or create your own there is no way you can go wrong with a wreath!

Outdoor décor: Topiaries and greenery on the steps or along the path to the front door offer a sense of warmth and welcome to your outdoor décor. You could even wrap your archway (if you have one) with garland and lights and hang decorative ornaments like balls or giant snowflakes.

When decorating for the holidays almost anything goes. I would suggest deciding on a theme or set of colors and then going for it whole-heartedly! If you love owls, then by all means, decorate with owls. If red and gold is your thing then let it be your thing and red-it-up! Stock up on the egg nog and hot chocolate, play some Christmas classics and enjoy spending quality time with your family this season as you decorate like pros!




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Black Friday Sales In Saskatoon

posted by My Saskatoon    |   November 26, 2015 11:47

It's Black Friday tomorrow and time to get the best deals for all of your Christmas shopping! These stores are carrying these deals all the way until Sunday. Avoid all the lines at the big box stores and keep it local this weekend. 


Black Friday starts today with some great deals on floor models, clearance items and in stock items at Palliser Rooms EQ3! Here are some items that they have on sale. Head down to the store for more deals.


Southampton Sofa & Chair - $1297.00

Midtown Bedroom Set - $2397.00

Dynasty Sectional - $1097.00

Divo Sectional - $2497.00

Pennsylvania Home Theatre Sectional - $1597.00

Midi Dining Set includes 6 chairs - $2597.00


Twisted Goods is also having a 20% off the ENTIRE store all Friday long! They are calling it their "Keep it Canadian" sale as most of Twisted Good's products are locally made and sourced. You can find these deals at the Lawson Heights Mall from 9am-9pm and at the Centre Mall from 8am-9pm. 


Twisted Goods is also participating in Small Business Saturday where anyone who makes a purchase this week in stores will receive a coupon for 15% off Twisted Goods and Tonic purchases. This is happening Saturday, November 28th-29th!  





Are you in need of a new dress for the Christmas season? Did you have your eye on one but wanted to wait until a sale? Era Style Loft has discounts that you don't want to miss! From Friday until Sunday, guests can get up to 30% off on clothing and accessories when they shop at Era Style Loft. 




Make sure you check out the 2nd Annual Black Market Market this Sunday, November 29th, from 4-10pm. Located in 209 Avenue D Warehouse, you will find local artisans, artists, shops, food and drinks. You can find more information on this event here.

 The My Saskatoon Team

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5 Reasons To Replace Windows With Glass Doctor Saskatoon

posted by My Saskatoon    |   November 24, 2015 11:22




Upgrading the windows on your home is a major project. However, the benefits of having new, modern windows on your Saskatoon home will pay you back in more ways than one. If you're thinking about replacing your home's windows, here are five signs it's time to do it now.

1. Broken Glass

Damaged windows are the most obvious sign that it's time to upgrade. Not only are your possessions at risk from thieves, but your home is open to harsh weather conditions and unwanted pests. Of course, a single window glass repair is always an option, but it might be an excellent excuse to freshen up your entire home.

2. Boost Curb Appeal

If your home sticks out like a sore thumb because the windows are tired and dated, it is definitely time for an improvement. Your home will look great, and your neighbours will thank you!

3. Noisy Neighbourhood

If your once-quiet neighbourhood has become a bustling hub of activity, you don't have to move just to get a little peace and quiet. Upgrade to insulated glass units to block that unwanted noise and return your home to the cozy sanctuary you remember.

4. Button Up a Drafty Home

If your heating and cooling system is working overtime to compensate for your old drafty windows, an upgrade is definitely in order. Plus, your home will be much more comfortable when you do not have one room that is far too warm and another that is far too chilly from all the air leakage.

5. Cutting Energy Costs

It is easy to go green and save a little cash on your monthly energy expenses when you upgrade to energy efficient double pane windows. These work by sandwiching air between two panes of glass. The air acts as an insulator so your expensive heated or cooled air stays inside where it belongs.

Upgrade Today!

Whether you need a simple window glass repair, or you are ready to upgrade all the windows in your home, Glass Doctor® of Saskatoon will help. We offer an in-home consultation with no obligation to purchase. Call or schedule an appointment online today.

Glass Doctor

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Revamp Your Kitchen With Kitchen Magic In Saskatoon

posted by My Saskatoon    |   November 20, 2015 11:35

Kitchen Refacing with Kitchen Magic Inc., a locally owned and operated company, is an inexpensive and environmentally friendly option to replacing your kitchen cabinetry. It is an option that has been used in the USA and Eastern Canada for decades. The experts at Kitchen Magic Inc., are using the same technology and high quality products to provide homeowners and contractors with an opportunity to rescue an old, tired kitchen.



Whether you are planning to sell your home, or stay and enjoy it for a few more years, refacing your kitchen will ensure a renewed feeling of warmth and home; there's no place like home! 

As Kitchen Magic Inc grows, so does our awareness of what our potential customers need. Therefore, we are proud to announce that we now provide a partnership with a tile and flooring supplier. We can provide you with high quality products and installation for backsplashes and kitchen flooring, producing the full package. With a kitchen renovation project, you may need all or some of these items. Kitchen Magic Inc is the company that can take care of all your needs

  • Flooring – Tile, linoleum, hardwood, or laminate
  • Backsplash – Tile or Facade


Design Work

We are one of the leading kitchen renovation design teams in Saskatchewan. We can redesign your kitchen and, with the proper information, provide you with a quote to have the job completed. This can be accomplished by email or during a free in-home consultation. 

What sets us apart from our competitors? 

With such a large list of happy customers, We'd have to say it is a number of things.

  • prompt service
  • great quality products
  • the ability to quote by email

Busy schedules don't always allow time to have someone come into your home to quote your kitchen renovation project. We provide this service by email, so you can view and ponder on your own time (even at midnight). Call Donna at 306-280-8232 to find out how this is done or email us at . 

Our Mission Statement: We at Kitchen Magic Inc. believe in providing the best in customer service - period. Our mobile ability allows us to bring the showroom to you. Everything is done right in your kitchen. From the choices of style, colour, accents and countertops, this makes the process simple and ensures that each choice you make will compliment your existing decor. We are also able to keep costs down as we do not have a large, expensive showroom to man, stock, and upkeep. Therefore, we can pass the savings on to you! 



Below are two different project examples of BEFORE and AFTER 



For more information on Kitchen Magic's hours of operations, visit their Spotlight Profile.



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5 Things: Local Specials, Deals And Events In Saskatoon

posted by My Saskatoon    |   November 19, 2015 14:08

Do you need the perfect Christmas gift for the new homeowner in your family? Or do you simply need to update the cookware in your kitchen? Georgia Mills in Market Mall is having a Paderno cookware sale right now where you can find discounts of up to 74% off! Hurry in to find the best selection before it goes. 

source: Paderno 


Need hassle free maintenance for your electrical system? Don't wait until it's an emergency. Saskatoon Electrical Services LTD.offers service contracts for preventative and regular maintenance. Give them a call at (306)-227-7243 to find out more or check out their spotlight profile here. 


Saskatoon's organic restaurant, Leydas, has unveiled their new seasonal menu. This winter, you can expect to find these weekly specials: Tuesday- Organic Bison Burger =$10.00, Wednesday-1LB red curry mussels= $10.00, Thursday-1/2 priced wine. Leydas is open Tuesday-Saturday from 10:00am-10:00pm.  

Source: Leyda's Restaraunt


It's that time of the year again! The beautiful drive-through Christmas light display is back again at the Forestry Farm Enchanted Forest. Featuring 75 custom displays, this Saskatchewan tradition is going on seventeen years now. $5.00 at the gate for admission or $25.00 a car. The Enchanted Forest runs from November 21st- January 9th.


From November 20th-28th, the Western Development Museum will be hosting their annual Festival of Trees. This year the theme is "Your Favourite Holiday Movies" so be sure to check this out as it will surely take you down memory lane.  The festival runs from 9:00am-9:00pm and, aside from the tree displays, there will be many more attractions for all ages! You can click here for more information and admission.




We hope everyone enjoys the weekend ahead and takes advantage of the sales, festivals and food that Saskatoon has to offer!



 The My Saskatoon Team

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Jennifer Zeuner Launch Party At Saskatoon's Era Style Loft

posted by My Saskatoon    |   November 18, 2015 12:33

We are so excited to welcome Jennifer Zeuner to our jewelry line up at the loft! Jennifer Zeuner has always been one of our favourite delicate jewelry lines. Jennifer's jewelry reflects her own personal style; simple with a spiritual twist. Her hamsa hands and evil eye pieces are some of her biggest brand staples. She creates her jewelry to be layered so that each person can create their own personal style with the brand. The Zeuner pieces are made in the USA from gold vermeil, diamonds, and sapphires. Some of her biggest fans include Song of Style, Cameron Diaz, Beyonce, Miranda Kerr, and Rihanna, just to name a few. Whether you wear it on it's own, or layer it on, it's guaranteed to look stunning.

Faith necklace with diamond, $220
Addison Love necklace, $195
Lily Wishbone necklace, $185
Erin Elephant necklace with diamond, $220 
Bella multi-chain lariat, $298
Sari lariat with sapphire and diamond, $298
Sasha Triangle lariat, $275
Paloma lariat, $298
Cynthia bar necklace with diamonds, $235
Phoebe bar necklace with diamond, $352
Tila Double V necklace, $275
Asturia chain necklace, $235
 Era Style Loft is having a Jennifer Zeuner Launch Party tomorrow night wherein guests will receive 20% off the entire Jennifer Zeuner  collection! On Thursday, November 19th, tis' the season and join the ladies of Era to get your Christmas shopping done early! 


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