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A Unique Dining Experience at Saboroso in Saskatoon

posted by David    |   February 6, 2014 10:54

Are you looking for a Valentine’s Day date idea in Saskatoon? Something different that isn’t just status quo? I recommend trying a romantic dinner out at Saboroso on 8th Street. It offers a unique Brazilian dining experience with the traditional “Rodizio” option. 

When I first saw Saboroso opening up a couple of years ago, I was a little skeptical. About five years ago, I travelled to Sao Paulo, Brazil, and experienced Rodizio in it’s native setting. I wondered whether this new restaurant in Saskatoon could live up to my fabulous experience down South. 

In Brazil, “Gauchos” came around to our table with unlimited amounts of meat and other tasty items  on a stick. It was the ultimate man’s meal. I ate everything  from steak and lamb to more interesting items like deep fried chicken hearts and cheese balls.

As per tradition in Brazil, whenever I did not want an item, I was instructed to wave my finger back and forth in the air to indicate “no”. I felt this was incredibly rude, but it was all part of the cultural experience. 

As my wife and I visited Saboroso in Saskatoon, we first noticed all of the windows were covered over and the lights dimmed. This created an atmosphere that was calm and relaxed. It felt like we were enjoying a romantic dinner by the fire, rather than the usual hustle and bustle supper can quite easily become at home. 

As we sat down, I was pleasantly surprised that here as well, “Gauchos” came around to the different tables with endless “all-you-can-eat” meat on a skewer. While the server informed me they were missing the deep fried chicken hearts, they made up for it with other amazing selections like bacon wrapped filet mignon, beef tenderloin, and linguica sausage. I was also instructed that instead of waving my finger in the air to refuse food, I simply had to turn the indicator on my table from green to red. There were other options on the menu, but we decided to go for the authentic Rodizio experience of Saboroso. 

The food was incredible. I ate wishing I had a couple more stomachs to enjoy more of the delicious food. While the experience is not completely authentic, it is close, and in many ways actually better than my experience in Brazil. The food at Saboroso is top notch, and the Rodizio is perfect for the unique date night idea you are looking for.  

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Eat Local

Breakfast at Broadway Café in Saskatoon

posted by Noël    |   January 22, 2014 10:24

Every other month I meet a friend of mine at one of the local breakfast joints in Saskatoon.  We spend a good two hours catching up, sharing life, eating our usual poached eggs, rye toast, cubed hashbrowns, and fried tomato slices, over at least a pot of coffee each.  This past Saturday, we found ourselves meeting at Broadway Café in Saskatoon.   I’ve always enjoyed the food and environment at the café, but it wasn’t until recently, when I took a moment to observe the type of atmosphere the café created, that I realized that Broadway Café really is a place where community gathers. 

As I waited for my friend to arrive, I watched groups of people flood the entrance hoping for a table to come available. I noticed that unlike the waiting lines at other restaurants in the city, where the people are usually unimpressed with the expected wait time, the people waiting here were jovial, conversation was bubbly, and spirits seemed to be high, even though the café was completely full and it didn’t look like anyone was eager to leave.  Noticing this, I deducted that the people weren’t just coming to the café to simply eat the food, they were coming here to share time with one another. That’s why the wait seemed to be less painful. 

Part of what I love about the café is how diverse the customers are that frequent it.  At one end, there sat a family of four enjoying their breakfast. At another table, there were writers discussing different endings to a piece of literature.  Next to me, there were two ladies sharing the excitement of new beginnings. Across from me, there were a group of young guys discussing the issues of the day. Beside me, a grandmother sat with her granddaughter, sharing the kind of laughs that long-time friends enjoy with one another.  

If you haven’t been to Broadway Café for breakfast, you really must go.  While you’re there, take a moment to look around and soak in the atmosphere.  I haven’t yet stumbled upon a similar place in Saskatoon, but I am definitely on the lookout.  Places like Broadway Café are part of the reason why I love our city.  Saskatoon has some of the most unique places where people come together and create the healthy, vibrant, and diverse characteristics of our community. 

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