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YXE Sidewalk Sale Is On

posted by My Saskatoon    |   July 10, 2015 11:07

The summer sales that everyone has been waiting for is here!  From July 9-11th,  downtown Saskatoon stores have filled the streets with racks beyond racks of blowout prices!  The streets are closed off from traffic from 9:00AM-9:00PM so whether you are an early bird to get the best deals or an evening stroll window shopper, there is a lot of action happening downtown this weekend. With live entertainment and food and drink stations lining  the streets of Second Avenue,  this is perfect time to get out and check out what YXE has to offer! Two of My Saskatoon's favourite shops are taking part of the sidewalk sale, here is what Paramount Day Spa & Boutique and Era Style Loft have to say....

"We have been in business for 65 years and we find it very important to support local because without the support of Saskatoon shoppers, local businesses like ours can not exist. We are participating in the annual sidewalk sale for the first time this year, along with our neighbouring local stores like Awl Shoppe, Harden and Huyse, Pink Tree and Signature Home Styles. The YummTruck food truck is parked on the corner parking lot Thursday-Friday and there is a charity BBQ on Saturday for Beads of Courage so come out and enjoy some food while you shop! We are open from 10:00am-7:30pm on Thursday 10:00am-6:00pm on Friday and 10:00am-4:00pm on Saturday and as far as sales go, we have plenty! Accessories, clothing and salon and spa products are available at huge discounts. Our items are 30-70% off and our Dot System Sale starts at $5.00 and goes up to $50.00 items so stop by and check out our amazing deals and shop local this weekend!".... Sarah-Dutka-Smith, Paramount Day Spa & Salon

View the Paramount Day Spa & Salon Spotlight Profile


"We love that because we are a local store we can bring in unique items that you wouldn't find in big box stores. We make an effort to shop local in Saskatoon because we as business owners of our own local clothing store know how important it is to keep local thriving in the city. This weekend  we are featuring a huge denim sales from skinny jeans to cut-off jean shorts.  We are having a 40-70% discount on clothing, shoes, accessories and handbags, including designer brands like Rebecca Minkoff, Marc by Marc Jacobs and Rag and Bone. We have that perfect cocktail dress for that summer wedding on sale along with silk tanks and classic tees! Our store is open from 10:00am-9:00pm on Thursday and 10:00am-6:00pm on Friday and Saturday so come in quick and take advantage of the designer brands that you love for half the price!"......Lauren Evans and Julie Andreas, Era Style Loft

View the Era Style Loft Spotlight Profile


The My Saskatoon Team

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Great Deals on Floor Models at Palliser Rooms / EQ3

posted by My Saskatoon    |   June 25, 2015 17:49

At Palliser Rooms / EQ3 - the showroom is constantly changing to bring you the latest in home décor trends and colours. In order to make room for a large number of new styles featuring the latest trends in furniture, Palliser Rooms and EQ3 will be having a huge floor model and warehouse clearance event that is starting now. Below we have featured several of the great floor model styles that will be available in the sales event! Make sure you stop by the Palliser Rooms / EQ3 showroom to see the full selection of items.


The My Saskatoon Team

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Get Your Best Summer Sleep - With Georgia Mills Linens

posted by My Saskatoon    |   May 12, 2015 15:03

The Linen Experts at Georgia Mills know what it takes to create the best summer sleep environment. There is a lot to consider in choosing the best bedding for your individual needs and preferences. It takes much more than a comfortable mattress to ensure a good night's sleep, so here are a few tips to help beat the heat this summer!

1) Try an all-cotton mattress protector

Mattresses made with synthetic materials (memory foam for example) often trap the heat from your body and make you feel uncomfortably hot. Adding a layer of natural fibers like cotton will help regulate your body temperature by increasing breathability and providing a barrier to the synthetic fibers.

2) Invest in good quality cotton or bamboo sheets

If you want cotton, look for sheets made with Egyptian cotton. It is known for its superior smoothness and durability because it yields longer and stronger individual threads that are woven to create this high quality fabric. As for thread count, higher isn’t always better, especially in the summer when you want to maximize breathability. Select sheets in the 300-400 thread count range, and ensure they are also single ply!

Bamboo is another very popular fiber in sheets right now. Bamboo sheets are extremely soft and silky feeling, and are especially popular in summer or for people who are always too warm. Like cotton, it is a natural fiber capable of breathing and adjusting to your body temperature, but it is especially good for wicking away moisture when you start to sweat due to its absorbency.

3) Opt for a natural fill, summer weight duvet

Though a comforter may be convenient and inexpensive, be mindful that it is filled with synthetic polyester fibers which lack the thermo-regulating benefits of natural fills like down, wool or silk. Investing in a duvet allows you to choose the type of fill and the quantity of that fill so it can be customized to your individual needs. Though any natural fill is an excellent choice, each has its strengths. Down is light, airy and breathable. Silk is dust mite resistant and excellent for allergy sufferers. Wool helps regulate body temperature by wicking away moisture when you start to sweat.

4) Put a quilt on for the summer

If a duvet isn’t your style, get a fresh new look with a light weight quilt or coverlet. Quilts come in a variety of colours and styles to suit any taste, from traditional patchwork to modern designs. Gaining in popularity is the quilted duvet cover. It can be used alone as a quilt in the summer, but has a compartment for a duvet to be inserted when you need that extra layer of warmth.

Get more details and a map on My Saskatoon!

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Back Then & Again - 4th Anniversary!

posted by My Saskatoon    |   May 6, 2015 16:44

As we celebrate the 4th Anniversary of the day we opened our shop and enter the 5th year of being in business, I thought perhaps that I would bring up one of the suggestions from our guest book that a customer wrote and that was "Real Pearls!!"

Our "Faux Pearl" display is one of the most popular ones in our shop and so I thought it would be a good to respond to this suggestion with information that quite often I have people asking us about.

A real pearl is a "natural" pearl. A natural pearl is made totally by nature and not stimulated by man in any way. The ideal pearl is perfectly round and smooth, but can come in many other shape. The most valued are the "natural" round pearls found in the wild and are extremely rare, hence extremely expensive. A graduated faux pearl necklace can run into the 10's, if not 100's of thousands of dollars.

Most pearls on the market these days are "cultured" or "farmed" - this is where man has created the irritant in the shell of a clam or other mollusk in order to create the pearl. "Cultured" or "farmed pearls can vary in quality mostly depending on where they were created." The Tahitian and South Sea cultured pearls are usually of the best quality as they are harvested after a longer period 2-7 years as compared to Akoya.  However, the market has been saturated by pearls from China where they implant many irritants in one mollusk producing more cultured pearls in a shorter period of time. In the past, these were usually rice grain shaped pebbles. Quality has improved and now the pearls are rounder, in varying colors with a lovely lustre. When cultured pearls first came out they were expensive. They still can be - depending upon the pearl, where it was farmed, the designer and materials used to make the jewellery with the pearl. But for the most part, they are quite affordable due to the fact that there are so many on the market now.

Faux pearls were first created by using blown glass beads and then layers and layers of crushed fish scales were poured into it coating the interior of the bead.  As you can imagine these faux pearls were very fragile and very few can be found today.  We were fortunate in the shop to have a necklace of this type of faux pearl and it had some issues where minute cracking had occurred, but it was a lovely character piece that has since found a new owner and home. As technology and technique improved, faux pearls became solid glass and were/are generally hand-knotted to prevent knocking against each other to prevent chipping. When they were first sold, these faux pearl necklaces were quite expensive for the day. Later, as finishes and plastic evolved, cheaper versions of faux pearls were available on the market and soon everyone could afford the classic look of a pearl necklace.

We have had many people come into the shop with their "grandmother's pearls" that were from her wedding or bought for a special occasion thinking that these were real pearls – only to be surprised when I told them that they were faux. However, the value in these wonderful old pieces is not in the price that they command but in the memories that they hold and continue to create...

- Sherry Neufeld

Back Then & Again is a shop loaded with character, due mainly to its location at the Drinkle No. 3 Building. With its vaulted black industrial ceilings, damask covered walls, and 1930's chandeliers, there is a chic elegance to this vintage and antique jewellery shop. The shop is owned by Sherry and Harvey Neufeld. Sherry is the jewellery expert and works mostly behind the scenes. Harvey is the friendly face that greets you when you walk through the door! Come Visit Back Then and Again as they celebrate their 4th anniversary!

Get more details and a map on My Saskatoon!

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5 Things: DIY, Shopping, and Renovations in YXE!

posted by My Saskatoon    |   March 12, 2015 14:04

1. Start off your home renovations with great products, inspiration, and pricing from Braid Flooring & Window Fashions in Saskatoon.  Work with their experienced design team and pick the perfect flooring or Hunter Douglas blinds on sale from March 20th to April 20th. For more details on pricing click here. 

2. Era Style Loft welcomes new brand - cooper & ella.  Known for their flattering feminine blouses and their giving heart, cooper & ella is a perfect addition to the loft. Learn more about this new designer and view their clothes here.   

3. Stasia Boutique is having a 3-day sale Thursday, Friday, and Saturday this week! Jewellery Clearance 50% Off - Shoe & Boot Blowout $10.00 a pair!

4. 10 degrees celsius +lots of snow in your yard = puddles for days! If you're a homeowner and have a large amount of snow in your yard, keep Winmar Saskatoon's number handy 306-956-0000 - just incase you find a few puddles in your basement. 

5. DIY key rack from old keys - Thanks Twisted Goods Saskatoon!

Home renovation trends that could improve your life in 2015

posted by My Saskatoon    |   March 8, 2015 14:37

The home renovation season could be called "The Season of New Beginnings".  Simple transformations in your home can make huge differences in your day-to-day life and the life you hope to have in the future.  From something as simple as installing a closet organizer to something major like renovating a master bathroom, home renovation season is full of exciting possibilities that could literally change your life. Here are some of our favourite renovation ideas this season. 


Living Space - Embrace the Outdoors!

2015 will mark the year where homeowners decide to extend their living space by embracing the outdoors.  From covered patios, heated areas and fire pits, to cozy outdoor furniture, oversized decks, and outdoor kitchens, families will be getting creative and finding ways to take full advantage of the soon approaching warm summer nights. 



Photo Credit - Better Homes & Gardens


Kitchens - Everything is Revealed...

If you're organized and have the space, then this new trend is worth considering - exposed large-scale walk-in pantries and wine closets! Style at Home Magazine interviewed Toronto designer Colleen McGill, and this is what she had to say...

Plenty of storage space has always been a must in kitchens, and 2015 will take it to the next level with large-scale walk-in pantries and wine closets. “The great thing about these walk-ins is that the room feels like part of the kitchen, but is a separate space which adds an exciting element for entertaining,” says Colleen. “In a more classic style kitchen, they can be hidden behind a cabinet door, but in modern spaces, steel-framed glass doors make these rooms even more amazing!”

Photo Credit - Style at Home


Bathrooms - 4 Hot Trends

1. Homeowners are trading in their outdated bathtubs for spacious walk-in showers.  We're in love. 

2. Incorporating hints of gold, metallic, and brass into the space through fixtures and decor pieces. For inspiration check-out My Saskatoon on Pinterest

3. Bathrooms will demand more square footage in new home builds - as homeowners desire to have their bathrooms become their own personal retreat!

4. Moroccan inspired tile layouts and unique tile focal pieces.  Braid Flooring and Window Fashions in Saskatoon have flooring specialists that can help you create the Moroccan inspired tile design for your space. 

Photo Credit - For more trends check-out a great article on Forbes.


Bedrooms - Adding Greenery to Your Space

One of our favourite trends for 2015 - the addition of greenery! There are tones of health benefits from adding a few plants to your space.  Here is a link to an infograph that highlights some of the benefits. 

Photo Credit - Decoist


Local Business - Braid Flooring & Window Fashions

Last week we had the opportunity to sit down with Braid Flooring & Window Fashions to discuss some home renovation trends for 2015.  One of the hidden treasures at Braid Flooring is their experienced Interior Decorating Team. Did you know that you can schedule an appointment with a specialist to help you pick out the best products to meet your home renovation needs?

Braid Flooring has some of the most sought after product lines in flooring, tile and window fashions, not to mention they are an exclusive stockist of Farrow & Ball.  Browsing through their showroom, located on Millar in Saskatoon, gave us plenty of ideas for some home renovation projects of our own.

Here's to a season of new beginnings! 

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2015 Home Decor Trends You'll Love!

posted by My Saskatoon    |   March 2, 2015 22:02

March is finally here! There is something special about the month of March.  Out of all of the months in the year no other month can bring about such a sense of excitement, anticipation, and purpose to the hearts of homeowners.  

March is the month where we get organized. For some of us that means dusting off the 'to-do' lists and getting the supplies we need to finish the odd jobs around the house.  For others it means sitting down and prioritizing some of the major renovations or landscaping projects we plan to tackle over the next six months.  And for a large majority of us the month of March is a time to be inspired by the emerging trends in home decor and interior design.

So in the spirit of March, below are some of the 2015 Home Decor trends we've discovered!


Runway Inspired Pattern

Now's the time to mix-match patterns from fabric to wallpaper. 

 Photo Credit - CN Traveler


Custom Bookshelves & Gallery Walls

This makes for interesting feature walls. Long gone are the days of simply painted feature walls. 

Photo Credit - Decoist 


Pantone's 2015 Colour Palette

We like Custard, but the colour of the year is everything Blue!

Photo Credit - Elle Decor 

 You can view Elle's exclusive gallery here


Reclaimed Wood

The trend from 2014 is definitely here to stay!

 Photo Credit - Elle Decor


Geometric Meets Organic 

This eclectic style is eastern inspired and tells a story in every room. 

Photo Credit - Kara Paslay


Gold Fixtures

It's time to get bold with Gold!

Photo Credit - Business Insider

Happy First Monday of March!


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5 Things: Women's Clothing, Fitness & Food in Saskatoon

posted by My Saskatoon    |   February 20, 2015 09:38

1. Sick of your current home gym equipment? You can trade it in and save up to $250 on something new at Fitness Solutions!

2. In celebration of the Chinese New Year, The Hollows is hosting an amazing 9 course dinner. Space is limited, so check out the details here.

3. Wondering how to use the new parking system being implemented in Saskatoon today? Watch this helpful video.
4. Paramount Day Spa & Boutique just brought in a fun new line of spring clothing, which you can check out here
5. That must mean spring is coming! It's only 28 more days away! :)
Enjoy your Friday!

Why Shop Local in Saskatoon? Part II

posted by My Saskatoon    |   February 5, 2015 11:13

Almost a year ago, we shared a blog post about the importance of supporting local businesses. We had just experienced Saskatoon’s first Local Local Super Sale featuring several great local retailers, and we were inspired by all the people who came together to make the event a success! To us it feels like the buzz surrounding supporting local has continued to increase, and over the past year so many amazing locally owned and operated restaurants, shops, and service providers have popped up in Saskatoon. We are so thrilled with the entrepreneurial spirit in which our city continues to grow. 

People tend to shop where they perceive to find the best value for their time and money. For some it may be the less expensive product or the quicker trip to the big box store that wins out in favour of the local option. We see and hear the ads of corporate chains every day, and as consumers we can easily be drawn to the lower prices and convenience of shopping “big”. But a deeper look proves that there is so much more to the equation than that, as there are many important values that independent businesses provide us with both individually and as a community.

Local businesses provide a unique customer service experience.

We all know the struggles of finding great customer service at many big box stores. The wonderful thing about most independent local businesses is the personal commitment to the business and the stronger sense of care that owners and employees tend to have toward customers. You may even get a better deal at a local shop or restaurant. Independent retailers have the freedom to use their discretion to reward regular customers and it can mean discounts on items you actually want to buy, rather than being tempted by multi-buy offers in big box stores. 

Local businesses offer more diverse products.

Not only are local businesses more likely willing to go above and beyond for customers, but the diversity of products is often far greater at a local shop. Just because a big box store is bigger doesn’t mean it has more to offer. The assortment of products found at a big box may be deeper, but it is not more diverse. When you walk into a local business, you will likely be surprised by the inventory options and unique items available. Buying from local shops means it is much less likely that you'll end up with the same winter jacket or coffee table as your friend. 

Local businesses incite tourism.

When people go on vacation they generally seek out destinations that offer a sense of being someplace, not just any place. Tourists are drawn to unique experiences and shopping opportunities they can't get elsewhere. Lately there has been significant buzz about Saskatoon as a desirable destination for travel, and this past summer Tourism Saskatoon said the number of visitors to our city had more than doubled over the past six years. We would venture to add that among our city's many festivals and tourist attractions, the vibrant local shops and restaurants contribute to the appeal of Saskatoon as a vacation spot!

Local businesses promote economic prosperity.

In addition to the economic benefits of a thriving local tourism industry, locally owned business have a huge role to play in fueling economic innovation and prosperity in our city. Locally owned businesses create more jobs locally, and in some sectors provide better wages and benefits than chains do. Entrepreneurship also serves as a key means for many local families to increase their financial security. Another benefit is that entrepreneurs and skilled workers are more likely to settle in cities that preserve their one of a kind businesses and distinctive flavour, bringing with them new ideas and inspiring further investment. 

Essentially, local businesses make Saskatoon a more interesting place to live! If you feel like you are stuck in a habit of shopping big boxes and national chains, the concept of exploring local options may seem inconvenient or even a little bit daunting. Our recommendation is to pick a retail category you find yourself frequenting, and try substituting it for something local. Try switching up your big brand coffee shop for a local café, or pay a visit to a boutique downtown the next time you're looking for jeans. Remember that no matter how small the purchase, keeping dollars in our community is a win-win for everyone. 

Check out Part I of this post for more reasons to forgo the big box in favour of a local Saskatoon business!

5 Things: Resolutions & Recycling Your Christmas Tree in Saskatoon

posted by My Saskatoon    |   January 7, 2015 15:18

1. Be sure to visit Little Bird Patisserie for lunch this week- the menu looks delicious! 

2. Did you know you can recycle your Christmas tree in Saskatoon? These drop-off locations are set up throughout the city until January 31st. 

3. Do you enjoy planning events? The Princess Shop is looking to fill the position of Fundraising Coordinator. 

4. Get into the habit of reflection this year with an adorable journal from Twisted Goods

5. Not into New Year's resolutions? Here's a fun alternative that well help you to remember your accomplishments! 

Enjoy your Wednesday!

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