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New Businesses in Saskatoon

posted by My Saskatoon    |   January 7, 2015 16:10

Last month we wrote a post about some of the longest standing local businesses who are part of our My Saskatoon community. Today we'd like to share the most recently opened businesses on our platform- all of whom joined Saskatoon's business community this past summer. Each is offering something new to Saskatonians, and we are so excited to see what's in store for these awesome new locally owned businesses in 2015!

July was a great time for Pink Cadillacs to officially open its doors in Willowgrove Square. Accompanied by a fun 50's theme, the mouthwatering burgers and creamy milkshakes perfectly complemented the energy and excitement of summer. Pink Cadillacs continues to keep the party going all year long, hosting karaoke nights and dance parties complete with costumes and drink specials. And of course, the delicious food. Open for lunch until late, Pink Cadillacs is the perfect spot if you're looking for a great meal with a side of nostalgia. Read our past blog post about Pink Cadillacs for a tried-and-true review.

Just a few steps beyond Pink Cadillacs in Willowgrove Square, Herbal Time Tea House is your go-to if you're looking for a nice refreshment in a relaxed atmosphere. With its peaceful and vibrant decor, the experience of drinking tea at Herbal Time is like no other in Saskatoon. Whether you're studying, meeting a friend, or spending time solo, the all-natural tea at Herbal Time is the perfect addition to a calm afternoon or evening. Herbal Time also offers board game combos, light meals, and dessert accompaniments. Check out our past blog post about our experience at Herbal Time. 

This past summer, Refresh Inn & Suites opened its unique accommodations in the heart of Saskatoon, right across from the University of Saskatchewan on College Drive. This brand new, immaculately clean, quiet hotel is perfect for any type of traveller. Whether booking a short or long-term stay, Refresh Inn & Suites is a great locally owned option for your visiting friends or relatives. Refresh Inn & Suites offers a great discount program including weekly rates, medical stays, senior discounts, and university affiliation. Beautiful rooms, free continental breakfast, gourmet kitchen access, on-site laundry facilities, and a prime location make Refresh Inn & Suites the perfect place to stay while spending time in Saskatoon. 

Back to Willowgrove Square we go! This little commercial development certainly brought Saskatoon a number of great new local businesses this past year. Warm & Art, a locally owned shop filled with beautiful furniture and home decor, is one of them. The vibrant artwork, hand-painted furniture, and unique home decor pieces at Warm & Art bring life to any room. If you've got a draughty room in your house or want to add a unique design element to a space, the variety of sleek electric fireplaces at Warm & Art may be just what you need. Take a look at our past blog post about Warm & Art for a closer look. 

We admire each of these businesses for taking the leap into providing unique products and services to the people of Saskatoon and beyond. The entrepreneurial spirit of our city is what makes Saskatoon such a great place to live and to visit. We're looking forward to the year ahead!

NY Resolution? Saskatoon Experts Can Help!

posted by My Saskatoon    |   January 2, 2015 08:25

Ah, the fresh start of a new year. Whether you've written down specific goals and aspirations for the year or just have something in the back of your mind that you'd like to change in 2015, most everyone contemplates a New Year's resolution in some way. We all know that sticking to that resolution beyond the end of January is rare. Fortunately, there are some simple things you can do to ensure success, such as setting realistic goals, writing them down, and making gradual changes. Another key is to seek outside help. Finding a friend who shares the same goal can keep you accountable, and involving an expert to provide you with advice can make all the difference. We've paired some of the most common New Year's resolutions with great local experts who just might be the resource you need to achieve long-term success. 

Manage Debt & Save Money

A resolution to save money and reduce debt is most effective when specific commitments are made and measurable goals are set. If this sounds daunting, you may need some guidance regarding your finances. It's the perfect opportunity to call in a financial expert like Janea Dieno of JBD Financial. Janea is a certified financial planner, and her experience and advice will be invaluable to you on your quest to achieve financial stability. Read our recent interview with Janea to find out exactly what a financial planner does and how she can help, no matter your financial situation!

Lose Weight

It's no secret that physical activity is a key factor in weight loss. If this is something you've resolved to do in 2015, there are a ton of great local experts in Saskatoon who are here to help you. The fitness gurus at Snap Fitness and Fitness Focus (both locally owned and operated in Saskatoon) will set you up with everything you need to achieve your goals. Both gyms offer trial passes for first-timers! If you'd prefer to work out at home, stop by Fitness Solutions on Circle Drive to explore a huge variety of indoor fitness equipment and accessories. From cardio machines, to free weights, to CrossFit gear, Fitness Solutions has it all. In need of some new workout duds and nutrition support? Pay a visit to Believe Fit in The Mall at Lawson Heights for a fantastic selection of quality fitness attire, protein powders and nutritional products.  

Eat Healthy

After a holiday season laced with sugary treats and overeating, its no surprise that one of the most common New Year's Resolutions is to eat healthier. Staying on track can be a challenge, especially when it comes to social gatherings. Fortunately, there are some great local restaurants who cater to the health-conscious, providing the perfect opportunity to go out on the town and enjoy yourself without derailing your diet. Leyda's Cafe on 20th Street strikes the perfect balance between healthy and delicious with organic, local, seasonal produce and carefully selected meats and seafood. There are awesome vegan and vegetarian options, and the entire menu is nut-free and gluten-free. Owner Dr. Dee Dee Maltman is a proponent of an anti-inflammatory diet, and she shares some great information about anti-inflammatory foods on Leyda's website

Spend More Time Giving

The intention to give more to charity and spend more time volunteering resides within most of us, and the start of the New Year presents a great time to put these plans into action. If you're thinking about a long term volunteer commitment, you may want to consider filling a mentorship spot at Big Brothers Big Sisters of Saskatoon- or browse through the categories on Give Back Saskatoon to learn more about some of the other local charities and non-profits who are making a difference in our city.  

We wish you all the best with your 2015 resolutions! You can do it! :)

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New Year's Eve 2014 in Saskatoon

posted by My Saskatoon    |   December 30, 2014 10:57

It's been an awesome year! We at My Saskatoon are looking forward to all that 2015 will bring, and we can't wait to ring in the New Year. There will be some big gatherings tomorrow night in Saskatoon, including events at The Heights, The Bassment, and Capitol Music Club that are sure to be a great time. Whether you're heading out on the town, planning a party, or having a quiet night in, it's nice to mark the coming of the New Year in some way. If you haven't made plans yet, here are a few ideas that will ensure a memorable NYE. 


Skating at PotashCorp Plaza

If you're down for leaving the house tomorrow night but want to keep things low-key, plan a trip to the Cameco Meewasin Skating Rink in Kiwanis Memorial Park next to the Delta Bessborough. Admission is free and skates can be borrowed at no charge. The rink is open on New Year's Eve until 1am. 


The weather is supposed to warm up for tomorrow, so if you like the outdoor activity idea, why not ring in the new year with some tobogganing? Suit up in your winter duds, dig out your flying saucer or crazy carpet and welcome 2015 while sailing down the hill at Diefenbaker Park


Family traditions don't need to be elaborate in order to be memorable! Small children may need a break from the excitement of Christmas festivities and visitors. Make the evening low-key but special with a PJ party and hot cocoa. Camp out in the living room to enjoy a movie together or read stories by the fire.


If you prefer to spend New Year's Eve reflecting on the past year and setting intentions for the new, here are a few questions to get the contemplative juices flowing. Another way to reflect is to simply consider the positive events of the past year. Write down your "Greatest Hits" of 2014- moments of happiness, success, and fun. The same can be done with kids!

Cooking Party

Have a few close friends over to cook together. There are a ton of different ways of doing this and you can get really creative. It might be fun to select the menu based around a theme, style of cuisine, or wine pairings.

Out on the Town

If you decide to head out on the town, there are a ton of local hotspots with great food and cocktails for your New Year's Eve enjoyment. Local bloggers Our Collective Muse recently posted an awesome NYE guide, including a big giveaway! Head over to Our Collective Muse to check out the hottest in New Year's Eve style, trending music, and local restaurant recommendations. 

No matter the NYE activity you choose, remember to plan a safe ride home. Saskatoon Transit and SGI have partnered to provide free bus service on New Year's Eve from 8pm to 2:45am. Customers will be able to flag down their bus from the curb at any point along the route- not just at specified stops. How great is that!?

Whatever it is you end up doing tomorrow, have a fantastic last day of 2014! 

5 Lovely Christmas DIY Ideas

posted by My Saskatoon    |   December 19, 2014 12:56

If your home is still in need of a little holiday pick-me-up and you're feeling a bit crafty, here are a few nice DIY decoration ideas we came across this week! We spent some time on My Saskatoon's Pinterest, and combined our favourites into this post. A few of these DIYs require some dexterity, while others are very easy to do and simply require a quick trip to the hardware store or market. Don't forget to shop local when you can this season- even small purchases make a difference :) And you might even avoid some crowds! We hope you enjoy this list of Christmas craft inspiration. It creates a nice opportunity to come together over some homemade goodies, nostalgic music, and great conversation. 

These giant snowflakes could be painted with metallics, whites, or brights to make a statement in any room. 


A wire wreath-making base and some bright bulbs make for a cool industrial look. 


Hosting a dinner party this Christmas? Moose place card holders will add a woodland touch to your table. 


Scent can be a powerful memory trigger, so solidify those holiday memories with a delicious DIY stove-top potpourri


And here's a bunch of different easy DIY ornaments you can make out of paper to hang on your tree or in a window!

We hope this list inspires you as it did us! Enjoy these last few days leading up to Christmas!

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5 Things: Giving Back in Saskatoon This Week

posted by My Saskatoon    |   December 17, 2014 11:21

1. The Friendship Inn recently posted this video which provides a deeper look at the people who have been touched by the community at The Inn. The video is a great opportunity to see inside the doors of The Friendship Inn, and perhaps it will inspire you to get involved! 

2. Big Brothers Big Sisters of Saskatoon has set a goal to fill 30 mentorship roles this month. Consider becoming a mentor and build a life-changing friendship with a child in need of mentorship. Connect with BBBS for more information. 

3. Hands On Street Ministries has put forth a donation Wishlist. The folks at Hands On would be honoured to receive hot chocolate, children’s winter gloves, christmas oranges, and small gifts for children (among other things!). Take a look at the list and see if there is a wish you are able to fulfill for the kids at Hands On. 

4. As part of its Home for the Holidays campaign, The Saskatoon SPCA has reduced its feline adoption fees to only $90, and hopes to adopt out 50 more cats this holiday season. If you’d like a new family member to cuddle this Christmas, consider an adopted fur-baby to bring “home for the holidays!”

5. We want to hear from you! Which local non-profit or charity speaks to your heart? 

Tell us by connecting with Give Back Saskatoon on Facebook and Twitter

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What is Give Back Saskatoon all about?

posted by My Saskatoon    |   December 12, 2014 13:03

This month, My Saskatoon officially launched Give Back Saskatoon! Wondering what it's all about? Here is a little Q&A that might answer some of your questions!

What is the difference between My Saskatoon and Give Back Saskatoon?

The vision for Give Back Saskatoon and My Saskatoon came alive in tandem, with the overall goal of enhancing the way local businesses, organizations, and people connect and support one another both online and off. While My Saskatoon focuses on showcasing locally owned and operated businesses, Give Back Saskatoon serves as a connective hub for locally focused registered non-profits and charitable organizations who are working to improve the livelihood of our city. 

What exactly does Give Back do?

Give Back Saskatoon is designed to increase the online visibility of local social profit organizations, and provides a platform on which they can convey who they are and what they do. Organizations will soon be able to communicate their material, financial, and volunteer needs on Give Back as well. Local businesses, families, and individuals who are interested in giving back to the community will be able to visit the site to find ways to contribute to local initiatives. All of the benefits of Give Back come at no cost to non-profit or charity organizations. 

So how is Give Back Saskatoon supported?

Give Back is fully operated and backed by My Saskatoon, but the essence of the support for Give Back is ultimately our local Saskatoon business community. Every business with a profile on My Saskatoon, or who purchases advertising through our One-to-One campaign, enables local social profit organizations to be seen and heard online through Give Back Saskatoon. 

How can an organization get a profile on Give Back Saskatoon?

Any business who is a part of our My Saskatoon community has the ability to choose a locally focused, registered non-profit or charity to receive a profile on the Give Back platform. Some of the local businesses on My Saskatoon haven't yet chosen a charity or non-profit, so we are open to requests from local organizations who would like a profile on Give Back Saskatoon. In addition, through our One-to-One advertising campaign, any advertising purchased by a local business is matched by My Saskatoon and offered to an organization on Give Back Saskatoon. 

If you are involved with a registered non-profit or charity who is dedicated to improving the livelihood of our city, and you are interested in being part of Give Back Saskatoon, feel free to contact us at

Do you have any other questions for us? We’d love to hear from you in the comments, or drop us a line on Facebook and Twitter

Connect with Give Back Saskatoon on social media for our latest interviews with local non-profit and charity organizations, blog posts, and updates!

Who is on Give Back Saskatoon?

posted by My Saskatoon    |   December 10, 2014 16:28

The people in our city are known for having big hearts and a willingness to give. At My Saskatoon, we believe that this is at the core of what makes our city so incredible, and we wanted to create a way to showcase the local organizations who are making a difference in Saskatoon. We recently officially launched Give Back Saskatoon, an online platform designed to increase the online visibility of local non-profits and charities at no cost to them. Give Back Saskatoon is fuelled by the local business community, and every local business on My Saskatoon will be hand picking a non-profit or charity organization to be featured on Give Back. Each week we will be adding more as new local businesses join our community. We thought we'd share with you the first few wonderful organizations on Give Back Saskatoon!


Big Brothers Big Sisters of Saskatoon

Big Brothers Big Sisters of Saskatoon has set a goal to fill 30 mentorship roles by the end of December. If you’re interested in learning more about mentoring, contact BBBS today!

Big Brothers Big Sisters is the chosen charity of Brothers in Grime


Day of Play

Day of Play is held annually in Saskatoon, as a way to bring families and children together for a day of fun in support of a great cause! Day of Play honors the memory of Rayna Korte, and all proceeds go to Saskatoon Crisis Nursery.

Day of Play is the chosen charity of Maaco Saskatoon


Growing Young Movers Youth Development

Dedicated to enhancing the social, emotional, and physical wellbeing of children and youth, Growing Young Movers provides a new education model that ensures young people grow to be confident, physically and emotionally healthy members of our community.

Growing Young Movers is the chosen charity of Granite Transformations Saskatoon


Habitat for Humanity Saskatoon

Habitat for Humanity helps low-income working families in Saskatoon achieve the dream of affordable home ownership. Habitat homes are built with 95% volunteer labour. What a great example of people coming together to accomplish something amazing in our city!

Habitat for Humanity is the chosen charity of J&S Picture Frame Warehouse


Hands On Street Ministries

Hands On is dedicated to serving Saskatoon's inner city children and youth by providing a safe environment, healthy meals, clothing, activities, and entertainment. The kids at hands on are loved, nurtured, and empowered to be all that they can be.

Hands On Street Ministries is the chosen charity of Haven Builders.


Stay tuned for new listings and future developments on Give Back Saskatoon! We'd love it if you'd follow Give Back on Facebook :)

5 Things: Women's Clothing, Local Craft Beer & Giving Back in Saskatoon

posted by My Saskatoon    |   December 8, 2014 12:52

1. Planning ahead for the weekend? Stop by the Saskatoon Food Bank PianoThon at The Bassment on Friday and enjoy great music while supporting the Food Bank with a non-perishable food item or a cash donation. 

2. Paramount Day Spa is kicking off 12 Days of Christmas Sales with 30% off all socks today, plus 20% off clothing, jewelry, and accessories. 

3. Big Brothers Big Sisters of Saskatoon has set a goal to fill 30 mentorship roles by the end of December. If you're interested in learning more about becoming a mentor, contact Big Brothers Big Sisters today. 

4. Its Paddock Wood Brewing Co.'s 10th Anniversary this week! Growler bottles are 1/2 price, and there are additional daily deals today through Saturday. Connect with Paddock Wood for the details. 

5. Here's a fun Christmas gift DIY that is easy for kids to help with or even tackle themselves. 

Enjoy your Monday!

Big Brothers Big Sisters of Saskatoon

posted by My Saskatoon    |   December 5, 2014 15:39

This month, Big Brothers Big Sisters of Saskatoon has put out a call for mentors. More specifically, the organization is seeking to fill 30 mentorship roles in 30 days. This holiday season, give the gift of time and help BBBS reach its goal! Whether its by spreading the word to your friends or getting involved yourself, you can help the children in our city realize and share their full potential.  

If the thought of becoming a mentor intrigues you, check out the information about mentoring available on the BBBS website. Here you can find out what is expected of a mentor and discover whether the role is right for you. 

There are several different mentorship programs available through Big Brothers Big Sisters Saskatoon. Browse through the options and you’ll get a sense of what suits your personality and lifestyle best, whether its in-school mentoring, group mentoring, one-on-one mentoring, or something else! There are several options available through BBBS. 

If you could see yourself giving the gift of mentorship, check out Big Brothers Big Sisters of Saskatoon's profile on Give Back Saskatoon. The folks at BBBS would love to hear from you!

5 Things: Giving Tuesday, Saskatoon Charities & Non-Profits

posted by My Saskatoon    |   December 1, 2014 15:34

1. Tomorrow is Giving Tuesday! After all the Black Friday and Cyber Monday shopping madness, Giving Tuesday provides us with a nice nudge toward sharing our time and money with local charities and non-profit organizations. 

2. Tickets are now available for The Princess Shop's 8th Annual Glass Slipper Benefit for Princesses. Purchase your ticket or table online here

3. Hands on Street Ministries is holding a Dessert Night Fundraiser this Saturday. Contact Hands On to get your ticket or corporate table!

4. The Saskatoon Food Bank & Learning Centre just kicked off its Do Something Amazing campaign. Do something amazing for someone else this holiday season and share your story! 

5. Check out Give Back Saskatoon to discover Saskatoon's vibrant community dedicated to giving back! 

Enjoy your Monday!

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