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Trash or Treasure your Wedding Dress?

posted by Trusted    |   March 11, 2014 11:49

Has your wedding photographer offered you a "trash the dress" photography session? Do you want the fun of seeing yourself in your wedding gown in unfamiliar places? But you also love your wedding gown. Can you do both—"trash" your wedding gown and treasure it forever, too? Your Trusted Saskatoon dry cleaners, Family Cleaners, share a tip on preserving your wedding gown even if you choose to do a trash the dress photo shoot. 

Just because the wedding photographer calls it a trash the dress session does not mean your dress will be ruined. In fact, these sessions are sometimes called "free to flaunt" or "rock the frock". For a wedding photographer, it’s all about the creative shot, and some really creative ideas take you to dusty or damp places. But these shots can often be the ones you like best of all.

If the only unusual views your photographer intends to film are on dry land, don’t worry! We should have no trouble removing whatever soil you pick up from trailing across a field or beach or through some historic barn or covered bridge. 

If you want to pose with pizza or some other food—no worries. Cleaners, especially a cleaner who specializes in bridal gown cleaning and preservation, are used to dealing with food, grass, mud, grease, and wine.

However, if your trash the dress session includes paint balls, make sure the paint is water based. Water based paint can be removed from your bridal gown—although it is much harder to get silk bridal gowns completely clean than gowns made from artificial fibers such as polyester. That’s because natural fibers are hollow, and anything that stains a silk wedding gown penetrates the fiber and acts like a dye.

The most dangerous environment for your wedding gown is water. Unless your wedding gown is an artificial fiber such as polyester, be careful about wearing your gown while you swim. If your wedding gown is made from a natural fiber such as cotton, linen, and silk, it may shrink if you dive into the water—especially if the water is hot. Hot water is much tougher on fabric than cool water. There’s still another water problem if your wedding gown is silk: it can be almost impossible to remove all the wrinkles from a silk wedding gown that has been in water. That’s why so many brides who take their wedding gowns to the cleaner on the corner end up in tears. If the cleaner washes your couture silk satin wedding gown, it will look a rumpled bed sheet and not much can be done to fix the mistakes made by a cleaner who has little experience with wedding gown cleaning. For an experienced dry cleaner who can tell you exactly what will be safe for your wedding dress you intend to preserve, contact us! (306) 242-6944

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