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418 51st Street East
Saskatoon, SK, S7K 7L1
Phone: (306) 668-6808

Covering New Ground

What’s below your feet? has every ground covered, both indoors and out, with stunning flooring options to suit any taste and a line of artificial grass that will keep your home beautiful beyond your doorstep. Since taking ownership in 1997, The Ginter Family has been providing exceptional customer service and a unique range of products to Saskatoon and surrounding areas. 
We sat down with Ryan Ginter, General Manager of, to discuss the family business, how it has evolved, and what sets it apart.
What is the history of
My father bought the business in 1997, at which time it was called Carpet Discounters. For the next seven years, we made transitions from a warehouse setup to the showroom we currently have. Back then we were a retail store as we are now, but our space was open concept with pallets and racks, and we did very little sampling. In 2004, we changed the name to 
So are you still a discount store?
Along with the transformation of our showroom, we changed our style from a discount store to a more diverse range of product offerings- we now do everything from highly customized to basic flooring. We do have discounted product and roll ends, and all of the general flooring categories, but our focus now is on custom flooring. 
Tell us about some of your products.
Our goal is to bring in unique products- particularly unique hardwood. We do a lot of whites, greys, wire brushes- cool looking stuff.  We have a wide range of carpet options, as well as laminate, vinyl, tile, stone, and cork. There are eco-friendly, environmentally safe products, made from natural materials. You really need to come down to the store to get a true sense of all the flooring options. 
And you recently got into artificial grass?
Yes. Just this last year, we became a supplier of EZ Grass, a premium synthetic turf product. We supply it so that a person who wants to install it themselves can, if they want to save some money. Its quite easy to do. We have landscapers that we refer if a customer is looking for installation as well. 
What is EZ Grass like?
Its great. I was concerned it would get really hot in the heat because its plastic, but it doesn’t. Visually, its perfect, so its awesome as long as you don’t mind the perfect-ness. Some people do! My father has it in his front yard, and occasionally he will throw a bit of dead grass from the back yard onto the front to make it look a little less perfect.
How is your business unique in your industry?
Our service is exceptional, and we try to select products that are not found everywhere else. Preverco, a really great Canadian brand, is one that we carry that is more difficult to find in Saskatoon. 
What aspect of your business are you most proud of?
Our installers and their workmanship are something to be proud of. Our products are unique, so when a job is completed the result just looks so great. We can do everything from your basic master bedroom to your custom hardwood stairs. I like seeing a finished product that is done well. 
What do you love about Saskatoon?
Saskatoon is a pretty cool community. I enjoy the events and festivals, especially in the summer. We have to take advantage of summer, and I think we do it well. 
The products at can make a world of a difference when it comes to the comfort and style of your home, both inside and out. Whether you are a new home builder, or a home owner interested in a renovation, contact to start the conversation!
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