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J&S Picture Frame Warehouse
J&S Picture Frame Warehouse
J&S Picture Frame Warehouse
J&S Picture Frame Warehouse
J&S Picture Frame Warehouse
J&S Picture Frame Warehouse
J&S Picture Frame Warehouse
121 Jessop Avenue
Saskatoon, SK, S7N 1Y3
Phone: (306) 373-1171

A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

J&S Picture Frame Warehouse, locally owned and operated since 1978, offers unique, specialty services in framing, photo restoration, and printing. Sherry Morris, owner and principal designer, brings many years of experience to framing almost anything. She is an expert in the preservation and beautiful presentation of photography, artwork, and memorabilia.
We visited Sherry at her shop in Sutherland, where she shared with us the history of J&S, her evolving industry, and the unique products and services she and her staff provide.
You've been in business for over 30 years! Looking back, how have things changed in your industry?
I moved back to Saskatoon from Toronto in 1978, and at that time in Saskatoon, the framing industry was very basic. No one out here was using acid-free materials or doing the archival framing that I had experience with in Toronto. Because I came from a bigger centre and had worked with different artists there, I knew about these innovations. Still, the colours and options were so limited then. The industry, like everything else in our society, has progressed. We now have much better products than we had before, and it’s wonderful! In this industry, you have to keep up with that.
In what ways has your business evolved over the years?
When we started we just did picture framing. In those days, we had the biggest selection of stock frames west of Toronto. People came from all over. We now offer all types of framing. We specialize in memorabilia, and the restoration of old things. We do every kind of framing out there, and now have thousands of framing options. Very often we put more than one frame together for a different look, so the options are endless. We also now do large format printing, canvas printing, photography printing, and giclée printing for artists. We use only UV ink in our printers. You can bring a piece of artwork in, and we can reproduce it on any substrate you choose.
Why is high quality framing so important?
Preservation is the most important thing, in my opinion. If a piece is not framed correctly, with a chemical-free frame, ten years down the road, it will be ruined. If you have an MDF or plastic frame, they are made with chemicals. Those chemicals off-gas into your artwork or whatever it is that is framed. The materials we use do not contain those harmful chemicals. We see things coming in that have been poorly framed, and we see how the artwork or photograph has deteriorated. It is amazing to see what a poor or cheaply made frame can do to a beautiful piece. I’ve trained my staff to be very very diligent about showing the customer what can be done to prevent this, and why it should be done.
How have you stayed so successful over so many years?
I absolutely love, love, love what I do. The bottom line is important in every business, but to me, the number one thing is that your customer gets the best quality product. In order to do that, I have to be knowledgeable about what’s going on in my industry. Staying on top of the latest in technology and materials is very important.
What do you love most about what you do?
I love the customers. They come in with their piece, whatever it may be, and together we make it look the best we possibly can, for the amount of money they want to put into it. And then showing it to them when it is completed. I love that.
You've probably framed many beautiful pieces of art over the years.
Oh, yes. And there isn’t one style of art that I like over and above another one. I love modern art just as much as I love traditional art. There isn’t a colour that I like better than another colours. I find that this is important in my business, as I have a completely open mind when a piece comes in and am able to work with the tastes of the customer to make the project look amazing.
What are some of the most interesting pieces of memorabilia you have framed?
We've framed wedding gowns, golf clubs, musical instruments, all kinds of war medals. We’ve framed 3rd generation quilts. I feel like the heirlooms we receive need to tell a story, because thats the sort of thing we pass on to our families. Its so important for young people to have pride in where they come from. Framing the things of someone's mother who has Alzheimer’s; those stories touch your heart.
You recently received the Better Business Bureau Torch Award for Ethics & Integrity in Business. What does this award mean to you?
Going through the process of being nominated and receiving the award, I realized how people view our business. People have to feel comfortable leaving their cherished items and pieces of art in my hands. It's important that people trust me, and I think this award speaks to that.
What made you choose Habitat for Humanity to receive a featured article on Give Back Saskatoon?
There are so many people in our city that need a home, who would love to be a home owner, but just can't afford it. Habitat for Humanity really helps people. I think it is a great organization to support.
What do you love about Saskatoon?
I love the prairies. I was born and raised here. I lived in Ontario for many years, and I’ve traveled a lot, but I chose to put down roots here. I like the warmth of the people here. I do like the change in seasons, as much as we whine about the weather! I think our air and our quality of life is good. There is opportunity for a healthier lifestyle here.
Do you have a piece of art, special heirloom, signed jersey, or travel memento that you'd like to have beautifully preserved? Would you like to give a unique gift to a loved one? A gift that comes from the heart and has special significance? Stop by J&S Picture Frame Warehouse and get inspired!
Sherry and her staff have chosen Habitat for Humanity of Saskatoon to be featured on Give Back Saskatoon, as part of My Saskatoon’s One-to-One advertising campaign. You can read an interview with Barb Cox-Lloyd, CEO of Habitat for Humanity Saskatoon, on Give Back Saskatoon.