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Speedy Collision
Speedy Collision
Speedy Collision
Speedy Collision
Speedy Collision
Speedy Collision
Speedy Collision
659 51st Street
Saskatoon, SK, S7K 2Y1
Phone: (306) 653-5655
'Tis the season for ice-induced fender benders, and Maaco Collision Repair & Auto Painting is here for you. Locally owned and operated in Saskatoon, Maaco’s highly skilled technicians and exceptional customer service will put your mind at ease and have you and your vehicle back on the road as quickly as possible.
Alongside business partner Russell Neufeld, Jason Clark has owned Maaco Saskatoon for the past six years. Read on as Jason shares the details of Maaco’s standards for workmanship and customer service, some of his most interesting experiences in the industry, and his heart for giving back to our Saskatoon community.
How did you end up doing what you do, and what do you love about it?
I have an engineering and production management background, and always wanted to own my own business. I knew the previous owner of Maaco Saskatoon through past projects, and my now-business-partner Russell had been working for him for years. The owner wanted to retire, so Russell and I took over the business in 2008. I really enjoy all the day to day aspects of my career. It is way more stressful, but way more fun than any other job I’ve had. I’ve never worked as hard as I do now, but I’ve never had this much fun either.
How do you ensure timely collision repairs at Maaco?
If someone comes in that is paying for repairs out of pocket (without SGI), we can conduct an estimate on the spot and get the ball rolling. If a claim is made through SGI, they do the estimate prior to the customer bringing the vehicle to us. Once we begin repairs, we operate with a production style system which is designed to do quality work faster. All of our work is done to OEM Standards, which means that we adhere to the car maker’s strict specifications. We want to minimize the amount of time we have a customer’s vehicle, but the timeframe depends on the degree of damage and how long it takes to get parts in. If its a bumper, we can usually paint it ahead of time and will need the vehicle for only a couple of hours. Being involved in a collision can be stressful, and we try to reduce the inconvenience of our customers as much as possible. If you’ve made a claim, we will deal with SGI and ensure that the repair is done correctly and as quickly as possible.
What does it mean to be SGI Accredited?
Maaco Saskatoon is SGI Accredited meaning that we have to have certain equipment and capabilities, and our repairs are monitored by SGI. As of last September we also became I-CAR Gold Class Certified. I-CAR is an internationally recognized training medium, and there’s a certain amount of training that our technicians must do every year in auto body, auto glass, auto painting, and estimating.
What kind of auto painting do you do apart from collision repair?
We do a lot of commercial industrial work. Businesses will buy trucks off the lot that they want painted in company colours. We also paint personal vehicles that are scratched or faded, or people sometimes just want a colour change. When it comes to changing the colour of your car, you can pretty much do anything you want as there is huge range of colours to choose from. Painters come in two categories - applicators and artists, with artists being more careful and particular with their work. We’ve got a great artist who we hired after his high school work placement with us. With auto painting, it also comes down to being able to do the prep work correctly. People will sometimes do auto body work themselves and bring the vehicle in for us to paint, but what people don’t realize is that painting won’t hide any mistakes. Its just the lipstick on the monster. New auto paint looks shiny and great, but its only as good as what’s underneath.
And you also do auto glass repair?
We repair any damaged auto glass- windshields, door glass, sideview mirrors, back windows. Many glass repairs are collision related, but we’ve seen some crazy stuff like windows that were punched out or smashed with a bat. One guy had bullet holes in his truck because someone was hunting too close to his acreage. We’ve seen a few ex-girlfriend and boyfriend spats taken out on vehicles- car doors keyed or other types of vandalism. Of course we see a lot of basic stone chips and things like that as well.
How do you make a stone chip look invisible?
Pressure is used to push a UV-cured resin into the chip, but in some cases we have to drill a hole into it first in order to fill it. A repaired chip shouldn't crack, but if it does we take the cost of the chip repair off the price of a new windshield. If you get a chip, put a piece of scotch tape over it as soon as you can. This keeps dirt and water out of the chip and makes it easier to fill. It also makes it much more likely to achieve an invisible fill. That’s your tip for the day!
What are some of the changes you’ve seen in the auto body industry over the years?
There have been changes in the way vehicles are made, and therefore we need to add new processes and equipment to accommodate them. The first big change we experienced was the hybrids and dealing with big batteries. They can be dangerous if you don’t know what you’re doing. We’ve also seen aluminum vehicles becoming more popular, and now the new Ford F150 is made of aluminum rather than steel. Aluminum is lighter weight and less expensive than steel, but is engineered to be just as strong in a collision.
What’s the most interesting vehicle you’ve worked on?
We’ve painted a lot of pretty neat stuff. We’ve done ambulances, motorcycles, bicycle frames, and some really nice old cars. We did the body work and painted a ’70 GTO convertible that a guy had restored. We’ve worked on a ’68 Galaxy, and we changed the colour of a ’68 Cadillac deVille just last year. We’ve also worked on things beyond vehicles. We painted several park signs that are on the east side of Saskatoon, and probably the most unique thing we’ve painted is a sculpture. It was a 20 foot long origami bird, at least 10 feet tall and probably 11 feet wide. The artist made a small version of the sculpture, and I don’t know how many times we painted colour samples for her to choose from- different tiny variations of the same gold metallic with a satin finish. The artist sent the finished sculpture to Toronto to be put in front of one of the big libraries there. We ended up having to send extra paint down to Toronto because the tips of the wings and beak were damaged during the trip.
Winter is finally upon us in Saskatoon. Do you have any tips for navigating icy roads?
The best thing to do is to be proactive. Leaving a few minutes early when you have to be somewhere is always a good idea, especially if you can avoid the traffic rush by doing so. Its important to be extra careful in areas like the Downtown Saskatoon core where there a lot of pedestrians, as well as traffic interchanges that aren’t sanded or salted as often as main roads. These areas are often the iciest. If you do feel yourself start to skid on ice, don’t slam on the brake and don’t panic. The most important thing is to remain calm.
What made you choose Day of Play to receive a featured article on Give Back Saskatoon?
As a company we have always wanted to support local charities, and children’s charities are our focus. We knew some of the people who were involved with Day of Play its first year, and we wanted to get on board. Since then, we’ve been involved with the event every year, and its been a blast. In our mind, the most important thing is to create a fun time for the kids. Our goal is to help them enjoy life, and to help them get better if we can.
As a business owner, why do you feel its important to support local charities?
Its our community that supports us and enables us to do what we do, and we want to give back by supporting others. The more you put into the community, the more you’re going to get back. The motive isn’t to get something back, but to share what you’ve got to give because it makes things better for everyone. Saskatoon wouldn’t be as nice a place to live if people didn’t contribute.
What do you love most about Saskatoon?
I was born in Ontario and lived in Grand Prairie for a few years, but Saskatoon feels like home. Some people say there’s nothing here, but I find there is always something for us to go out and do as a family. Saskatoon is cutting edge in many areas but still has that small town feel in a lot of ways. And the city is beautiful.
Maaco Saskatoon is an SGI Accredited, I-CAR Gold Class Certified collision repair shop that has been getting Saskatoon drivers back on the road quickly since 1993. Whether you’ve been in a collision, you need a stone chip repaired, or you’re interested in having your vehicle re-painted, you’ll love the work, love the price, and love the service at Maaco Saskatoon.
Maaco Saskatoon has chosen Day of Play to be featured on Give Back Saskatoon, as part of My Saskatoon’s One-to-One advertising campaign. You can read an interview with Leanne Thompson-Hill of Day of Play on Give Back Saskatoon.