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Twisted Goods - The Centre Mall
Twisted Goods - The Centre Mall
Twisted Goods - The Centre Mall
Twisted Goods - The Centre Mall
Suite 220-3310 8th Street
Saskatoon, SK, S7H 5M3
Phone: (306) 374-3221
Never lacking uniqueness, Twisted Goods offers an ever-evolving selection of all things pretty, sassy, and trendy. It is a great place to find gifts, or to treat yourself to some new home decor, jewelry, wine accessories, and other hip goods.
Angeliça Fehr, owner of Twisted Goods, answers a few of our questions!
What excites you most about being part of My Saskatoon?
We are excited to be part of a growing local business community, as well as to give our customers fast and convenient access to our online information and social media.
What does the word 'community' mean to you?
Community to me is to be present where you are- to take pride and ownership in the people and space around you, and to not just look for what you can gain from those around you, but what you can contribute to them as well. The best communities are not always the most perfect ones, but those with people willing to recognize the great things about their community, and work together to change the not so great things.
There are so many beautiful items at Twisted Goods right now. What is your favourite product in your store this season?
We are loving our antique and vintage inspired decor (signs, photo frames, clocks..) The pieces can work in any space, from traditional to modern, and they just have great warmth and personality.