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Aquaterra Luxury Condos

posted by My Saskatoon    |   July 31, 2017 21:26

Everyone wants a home that represents who they are. A home that showcases a clean and luxurious look, without giving up their comfort. Aquaterra understands this need, and delivers the right luxurious condos to meet your expectations. 

Aquaterra has many unique features inside and out, which separates them from all the others. The outside of the building leaves an outstanding impression of great style and design. Every unit is constructed with a large balcony and beautiful blue stained glass, adding to the luxurious feel of Aquaterra. 

Moving to the interior, great style and design is displayed in all areas. Each unit has beautiful finishing and large rooms. Comfort is Aquaterra's primary concern for each individual living in the condos, and has constructed well-built homes which are cut above the rest. Even the lobby and games room are well furnished, giving a pristine and luxurious feel. Aquaterra provides comfortable, luxurious condos that you can afford! 

For more information on Aquaterra, give their website a visit. 

To see photos of what Aquaterra luxurious condos has to offer, see their photos page. 

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Aquaterra - Feel at Home

posted by My Saskatoon    |   July 20, 2017 15:43

Have you ever wanted to live in an area which makes life convenient for you? Or, have you wanted your home to have a clean, organized, and luxurious feel? Both of these factors are accounted for by Aquaterra. 

Aquaterra Condos have been built in a fully developed area that contains all of life's necessities and more! If you have the responsibility of children, two schools are within walking distance of these luxurious condos. Strip malls and grocery stores are also located within blocks of Aquaterra, eliminating long drives for shopping. All of your needs have been taken care of!

Aquaterra Condos were built for a pristine look and feel for the individuals and families who reside within them. Everyone wants a home that resembles organization and a well-maintained lifestyle. Whether you are living on your own, or sharing living space with many others, Aquaterra will provide the look that makes you feel at home! 

Visit Aquaterra's Website. 

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Showtime Glass

posted by My Saskatoon    |   July 11, 2017 16:53

Showtime Glass is an auto glass repair and replacement shop in Saskatoon. They specialize in many different areas of glass replacement ranging from auto glass replacement, branded auto glass repair, general auto glass service, and truck glass repair. Driving a vehicle with damaged glass prohibits a driver from driving safely. Qualified technicians work to get all repairs completed on time so you can be on the road without delay and in a safe manner. 

Showtime has significant experience in dealing with many different cases of glass problems. Many of these problems include cracked windshields, fractured windows, and shattered headlights. They promise careful, excellent-quality workmanship in order to sustain all repairs and replacements for a long time. 

Chase Callan is the general manager and owner at Showtime Glass. Since 2002, Chase has been installing and working in many different locations in western Canada, gaining experience in different areas of the glass field. After completion of the business development program at Praxis School of Entrepreneurship, Chase opened Showtime Glass to serve the city of Saskatoon. 

You can trust Showtime as your auto glass repair shop!

Check out Showtime's website.

See photos of Showtime's work.

Be sure to take a peek at Showtime's spotlight profile. 

Aquaterra - Saskatoon Condos

posted by My Saskatoon    |   July 10, 2017 16:27

Finding the perfect place to call home can be a difficult and frustrating process to go through. Many factors need to be taken into consideration. Things like living quarters, comfort, style, and having all of life's basic necessities nearby. Aquaterra luxury condos have taken all of these factors into consideration to create the perfect condo that provides a comfortable and convenient lifestyle for you.  

Aquaterra has taken tremendous amounts of time to ensure that each unit is built to perfection. They focus on making each resident as comfortable as possible. In-floor heating systems have been installed to ensure warmth and comfort in our extremely cold winters, and a centralized air conditioning system which delivers cool air through ceiling ducts to every room which compensates for our warm summers. 

Aquaterra Luxury Condos well designed and cutting edge rooms are a place you can truly call home.

Learn more about Aquaterra on their website.

Be sure to stop in at their spotlight profile as well. 

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