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Bookkeeping in Saskatoon with JPM Business Solutions

posted by My Saskatoon    |   November 24, 2014 11:38

One of our favourite things about Saskatoon is its entrepreneurial spirit. We love the constant chatter surrounding locally owned and operated businesses in our city, and the supportive consumers who fuel them. Our vibrant Saskatoon business community is strengthened even further when local businesses find ways to partner with each other for mutual benefit. In many instances, one local business will have something to offer that another needs, driving the growth of both. 

In the Business Services category on My Saskatoon, great local service-based businesses are striving to help move other businesses forward. From sign shops to safety training to bookkeeping, these local experts are here to help local entrepreneurs who require outside support. 

JPM Business Solutions helps small and medium-sized businesses with bookkeeping and accounting assistance. Whether a difficult financial situation is arising or a proactive method of maximizing profits is desired, the accounting specialists at JPM can provide mentorship to any business who needs it. JPM has the expertise to help businesses achieve the best financial position possible by assisting with everything from policy review to meeting regulatory bookkeeping requirements. 

Accounting expertise is crucial during all phases of the business cycle. JPM assists clients who are setting up a new business by ensuring that accounting systems are in place and that administrative staff is properly trained. In times of difficulty or disorganization, JPM can relieve a business of the day-to-day bookkeeping struggle and can ease the anxiety that is overwhelming for any business owner facing financial issues. 

Business growth can also present bookkeeping or accounting complications as new staff are hired, new capital is acquired, or services are extended. Whether its assistance with payroll, financial reporting, or budgeting and forecasting, JPM is here to help booming businesses make sustainable decisions with a long term vision.  

In addition to bookkeeping and accounting, JPM Business Solutions offers IT services and HR consulting to businesses looking for expertise in these areas. Visit JPM’s Spotlight Profile for contact details and to learn more about the experts behind JPM Business Solutions.  

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