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5 Things: DIY, Shopping, and Renovations in YXE!

posted by My Saskatoon    |   March 12, 2015 14:04

1. Start off your home renovations with great products, inspiration, and pricing from Braid Flooring & Window Fashions in Saskatoon.  Work with their experienced design team and pick the perfect flooring or Hunter Douglas blinds on sale from March 20th to April 20th. For more details on pricing click here. 

2. Era Style Loft welcomes new brand - cooper & ella.  Known for their flattering feminine blouses and their giving heart, cooper & ella is a perfect addition to the loft. Learn more about this new designer and view their clothes here.   

3. Stasia Boutique is having a 3-day sale Thursday, Friday, and Saturday this week! Jewellery Clearance 50% Off - Shoe & Boot Blowout $10.00 a pair!

4. 10 degrees celsius +lots of snow in your yard = puddles for days! If you're a homeowner and have a large amount of snow in your yard, keep Winmar Saskatoon's number handy 306-956-0000 - just incase you find a few puddles in your basement. 

5. DIY key rack from old keys - Thanks Twisted Goods Saskatoon!

Home renovation trends that could improve your life in 2015

posted by My Saskatoon    |   March 8, 2015 14:37

The home renovation season could be called "The Season of New Beginnings".  Simple transformations in your home can make huge differences in your day-to-day life and the life you hope to have in the future.  From something as simple as installing a closet organizer to something major like renovating a master bathroom, home renovation season is full of exciting possibilities that could literally change your life. Here are some of our favourite renovation ideas this season. 


Living Space - Embrace the Outdoors!

2015 will mark the year where homeowners decide to extend their living space by embracing the outdoors.  From covered patios, heated areas and fire pits, to cozy outdoor furniture, oversized decks, and outdoor kitchens, families will be getting creative and finding ways to take full advantage of the soon approaching warm summer nights. 



Photo Credit - Better Homes & Gardens


Kitchens - Everything is Revealed...

If you're organized and have the space, then this new trend is worth considering - exposed large-scale walk-in pantries and wine closets! Style at Home Magazine interviewed Toronto designer Colleen McGill, and this is what she had to say...

Plenty of storage space has always been a must in kitchens, and 2015 will take it to the next level with large-scale walk-in pantries and wine closets. “The great thing about these walk-ins is that the room feels like part of the kitchen, but is a separate space which adds an exciting element for entertaining,” says Colleen. “In a more classic style kitchen, they can be hidden behind a cabinet door, but in modern spaces, steel-framed glass doors make these rooms even more amazing!”

Photo Credit - Style at Home


Bathrooms - 4 Hot Trends

1. Homeowners are trading in their outdated bathtubs for spacious walk-in showers.  We're in love. 

2. Incorporating hints of gold, metallic, and brass into the space through fixtures and decor pieces. For inspiration check-out My Saskatoon on Pinterest

3. Bathrooms will demand more square footage in new home builds - as homeowners desire to have their bathrooms become their own personal retreat!

4. Moroccan inspired tile layouts and unique tile focal pieces.  Braid Flooring and Window Fashions in Saskatoon have flooring specialists that can help you create the Moroccan inspired tile design for your space. 

Photo Credit - For more trends check-out a great article on Forbes.


Bedrooms - Adding Greenery to Your Space

One of our favourite trends for 2015 - the addition of greenery! There are tones of health benefits from adding a few plants to your space.  Here is a link to an infograph that highlights some of the benefits. 

Photo Credit - Decoist


Local Business - Braid Flooring & Window Fashions

Last week we had the opportunity to sit down with Braid Flooring & Window Fashions to discuss some home renovation trends for 2015.  One of the hidden treasures at Braid Flooring is their experienced Interior Decorating Team. Did you know that you can schedule an appointment with a specialist to help you pick out the best products to meet your home renovation needs?

Braid Flooring has some of the most sought after product lines in flooring, tile and window fashions, not to mention they are an exclusive stockist of Farrow & Ball.  Browsing through their showroom, located on Millar in Saskatoon, gave us plenty of ideas for some home renovation projects of our own.

Here's to a season of new beginnings! 

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5 Things You Need to Know This Morning

posted by My Saskatoon    |   October 27, 2014 07:43

1. Pink Cadillacs just launched a new fall menu. Yumm!

2. Purchase the amazing new pet-friendly carpet at Braid Flooring, and you'll be supporting New Hope Dog Rescue!

3. How to get red wine out of anything. 

4. Fun Halloween decor and more here


5. Throwing a Halloween party this weekend? Wow your guests with glow in the dark pumpkins.

Enjoy your Monday!

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License to Spill

posted by Elle    |   October 16, 2014 13:20

I learned the hard way what happens to laminate flooring when it gets wet. Flashback to a couple of months ago when, in preparation to sell my condo, a new dishwasher DIY led to a major leak. To make a long story short, it was not a brilliant idea, and ALL of the laminate in my kitchen/living area had to be ripped up and replaced.

Major dishwasher disasters aside, most wood flooring, or flooring that is imitating wood, is not durable when it comes to even a small amount of liquid. How practical is this, really? In what household, even without children or pets, is it easy to maintain a pristine floor that is unmarked by an accidental spill? Enter a cat that knocks over a vase or a child whose drink topples over and more often than not, that beautiful flooring is marred beyond repair. 

Fortunately, it doesn't have to be like this. If you want the look of wood without having to worry about durability, vinyl plank flooring might be the answer. It isn’t damaged by moisture- at all. You can soak it in the bathtub, and it will not swell or buckle. Not only does it look incredibly beautiful installed, texture technology creates the feel of wood grain, knots, and distresses like the rustic characteristics of aged barn boards (so hot right now!). It’s also very durable against tough scratches and scuffs. The image below is of a few of the gorgeous vinyl plank options now available at Carpet Superstores Saskatoon.

As much as I love the look of wood floors, I definitely have an appreciation for soft carpet to lay around on after Thanksgiving dinner. Particularly in a home with children, the ability to crawl around on the floor comfortably is key. I don’t have kids yet, but I think that when I do I will opt for carpet in bedrooms and play areas for this reason. Unfortunately, the same risk of spills applies to carpet, and people are often reluctant to choose lighter colours for fear of that inevitable pet accident or red wine mishap.

There’s gotta be a better way! And there is. Stainmaster Carpet has released its PetProtectTM carpet and cushion system, which keeps spills and accidents from soaking into the cushion and subfloor, and is the easiest carpet to clean. In Saskatoon, PetProtect is only found at Braid Flooring, and until the end of November you can purchase it at up to 40% off. Not to mention that a portion of money from every yard sold will go to New Hope Dog Rescue! Below is a snap of one of the patterned styles at Braid. 

You don't have to settle for flooring that looks good but is in danger of being scratched, warped, or stained. Accidents around the house are a part of life, and I am so happy to learn that in my next home I won't have to deal with another wet flooring disaster. I was so pleased when I came across these products, and I hope you are too. And its a bonus that they can be found at two awesome locally owned Saskatoon businesses! 

Hot Colours for 2014

posted by Trusted    |   April 2, 2014 10:52

Braid Flooring & Window Fashions, your local Trusted Saskatoon Window Covering Expert, has recently expanded its operation to include high quality paints. The specialists at Braid stay on top of the latest trends in home interior style, and here they share a tip on paint colours from Debbie Zimmer, paint and colour expert for the Paint Quality Institute, a leading source of information on interior colour and design. 

Grey, the colour that connotes intellect, is one hue homeowners will be incorporating into their interiors this year. In her annual colour forecast for 2014, Zimmer is supporting grey in a big way: "It's the hot new neutral, a sleek and sophisticated colour option that adds refinement to almost any room.

"Walls that are painted grey are great backdrops for almost any style of décor, and grey is such a dignified colour that it can elevate the appearance of even the most modest furnishings, " she says.

Beyond wall colour, grey will embellish interiors in other ways -- in the form of grey wash on wood furniture, for example, and in fabric used for everything from seating to floor coverings. "We will even see grey's flashier cousin, silver, used as an important accent color," says Zimmer.

But grey won't be the only neutral to be popular this year. According to Zimmer, those seeking a change from more saturated colour will be happy to learn that white and off-white are back in vogue. Manufacturers of interior paint will offer extensive palettes of ever-so-subtle tints comprised of 30, 40, and even 50 'whites' containing just a hint of colour. White is staging a strong comeback for a number of reasons, says Zimmer.

"As with grey, the ease of coordinating furnishings with a neutral hue like white is appealing to almost everyone," she says. "However, some will gravitate to white for more personal reasons having to do with a change of address: those who are downsizing will favor white or very light-coloured walls to make their new, smaller interiors look more spacious; and for those who may soon put up a 'For Sale' sign, white is the wise paint colour to apply before listing a home."

Design professionals and do-it-yourselfers in the mood for more colourful options will also have good choices next year. Blues and greens - in more tints and shades than ever before -- will again be crowd-pleasers, as they have been for a while.

"Another hot colour in 2014 is mustard yellow," says Zimmer. "Its influence is growing in both fashion and home furnishing fabrics. We also expect to see more use of the colour on walls -- if not for entire rooms, then at least on accent walls."

If you're thinking about changing a colour scheme in your home interior, Zimmer's insights into the tints and shades expected to be this year's "hot" choices can provide some valuable direction. But the color expert has one final piece of advice:

"In the end, colour choice is a very personal decision, so whether you are thinking about doing some painting, or changing your décor, or both, stick with colours that you love. When it comes to your home, your opinion is the one that matters most."

Check out Braid Flooring's Spotlight Profile for contact details, and to stay connected on social media!

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