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This Will Make You Hungry

posted by Elle    |   May 7, 2014 09:18

I love food, and food is one of my favourite things about Saskatoon. As a fairly small city in the grand scheme of things, I feel like our restaurant options and the number of local producers here is pretty incredible. I eat out a lot, and I go for the local guys as often as possible. I enjoy atmospheres that are personality-injected and slightly off-beat, and flavours that are unique.

I think it is so important to remember that the food scene in Saskatoon is of such a high quality, and is so diverse, because of the people behind the growing, the preparing, the cooking, the presenting. One thing I love about the Farmers' Market is being able to see the face of the person who grew or raised the food that I purchase. Lately I've been hearing more about the talented Saskatonians who are behind the best restaurants in Saskatoon, and it makes me enjoy the food and the ambience of these local spots all the more.

I recently came across a really great local blog about- you guessed it- food. Saskatoon-written, no less. What I love about this blog is not its gorgeous, mouth-watering, hunger inducing food photography, and not the enticing recipes that go along with the photographs. It's not the engaging local restaurant reviews. It's the person behind this blog, whom I have never met, but who's personality and obvious true love for food is evident on every page. If you love Saskatoon food as I do, and enjoy feeling that connection to the locals behind it, pay sweetsugarbean a visit. I promise you will be inspired. I've added a little bit about its author, Renée Kohlman, below. This was taken straight from sweetsugarbean, and I hope reading it will encourage you to click through to her blog. 


Photo Credit: Renée Kohlman

Sweetsugarbean is a combination of my favourite things: cooking, food photography and writing.  Cooking from scratch is one of the best things you can do for yourself and those you love, and I'm so happy to share my recipes with you.  I'm super fortunate to make a living doing what I love...and to be in the food industry for as long as I have, you really do have to LOVE it.  I've worked in various corners of the professional kitchen, most recently taking the position of pastry chef at a brand new gluten free/nut free/organic/whole foods restaurant here in Saskatoon called Leyda's.  Food truly is my passion, and I don't stop living it once I leave the work kitchen.  I still come home and cook for myself, family and friends.  Eating well, using as many fresh and local ingredients as possible, means the world to me.  I feel most at home in my little green kitchen; it's where I feel grounded and happy.  Be it boiling chicken stock for soup, or whipping up a batch of whole wheat biscuits on a Sunday morning,  these simple pleasures are a part of my everyday life.  With a Bachelor's Degree in Fine Art and a diploma in Culinary Arts, my interest and education in both these areas are reflected on these pages.  I'm a self-taught photographer and I use a Canon A520, as well as my iPhone to take the photos.     


Photo Credit: Renée Kohlman

My Mom is a fantastic cook, and I was always in the kitchen with her as a young girl.  Baking cookies since I was about 10, I've eaten my fair share of cookie dough!  We ate really well growing up, and living on a farm for the first 7 years of my life, I learned early on where food comes from.  Some of my earliest memories are running through tall rows of corn, digging up potato plants to unearth the treasures beneath, and sitting on my pet calf  "Susie".  The connection between farm and fork is something I believe strongly in.  My own garden plot is a busy place, and there is nothing better than picking lettuce, or a cucumber or a tomato that you seeded by hand, watered and watch grow.

Photo Credit: Renée Kohlman

For the recipes in this blog I try to use all good quality, natural ingredients - local and organic if possible.  Butter always, never margarine!  When you start with good, wholesome products, you will make good, wholesome food.  My garden is a busy place in the summer/fall and many of the vegetables will appear on these pages.  If I can't grow it, I'll often pick it up from the local farmer's market, where excellent farmers are doing excellent work.   Most recipes "come from my head", but I will give credit if I adapt it from another source.  Inspiration often comes from just looking inside the fridge and seeing that I have a pound of apples, half a block of cream cheese and some puff pastry to use up.  I hate throwing food out, so "clean out the fridge days" usually turn into tasty treats!  Baking and desserts often appear here, only because I have a horrible sweet tooth and I love to bake with all my heart.  While I do joke about loving butter and bacon (a lot!) I also try to make food that is healthy and not too fussy. I'm a comfort food kind of girl, so I can guarantee you will not see anything on the blog about foie gras or truffle oil. Cheese and chocolate, that's another story.

Read more from sweetsugarbean

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Eat Local

A Saskatoon Saturday Morning in Riversdale

posted by Elle    |   April 7, 2014 16:36

This past Saturday morning was a morning well spent. What started as a planned visit to the Saskatoon Farmers' Market with my fiancé and some friends, turned into somewhat of a walking tour of Riversdale. If you haven't spent a ton of time in this area of Saskatoon, I implore you to! Riversdale is home to some of the best in coffee shops and restaurants (two highly important facets of life, in my opinion). A visit to Collective Coffee is the perfect way to start a weekend morning (any morning, really), as the coffee is fantastic, the service is on point, and the latte art adds a lovely touch to the whole experience. The vibes are relaxed- a great way to set the tone for the day. The Saskatoon Farmers' Market, best visited early on a Saturday, of course always renders a bountiful haul. We were shopping light this past weekend, so after picking up a few bottles of Thrive Juice, some bacon from Golden Prairie Wild Boar Meats, and a few of the necessities from Uncle Mike's, we were leisurely en route to our next stop in the neighbourhood.

The Hollows has a fresh, delicious, locally sourced menu that leaves you feeling satisfied, but not weighed down by extreme portions or a heavy carb-load. The perfect brunch for a group of people looking to maintain that spring in their step on a morning out. I appreciate a really good hollandaise sauce, and The Hollows has some of the best in town, for all of you fellow benny-lovers out there. The Hollows also offers take-away farm fresh eggs by the dozen, which we decided to try. If only Goldie's General, the lovely little shop above the restaurant, were open on Saturdays. (If you're looking for something to do on a Sunday, you must check out Goldie's for handmade soaps, candles, vintage clothing, and numerous other odds and ends.) A quick jaunt back to The Farmer's Market to grab a cone from Prairie Sun Orchard capped off our morning in the sweetest way possible. Seriously. Fresh. Toasted Coconut. Ice Cream. Delicious.

If you're looking to enjoy some of the best flavours in Saskatoon in a two block radius- Riversdale is a great place to be. The shops and vendors I mentioned are a few among the many other fantastic options in this neighborhood, and are well worth a visit. 

Enjoy your weekend!

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