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It's The Weekend!

posted by My Saskatoon    |   July 23, 2015 12:19

Are you hanging around Saskatoon this weekend? Make your way down to Rotary Park and take in the Dragon Boat Festival July 24th-25th from 10:00am-4:00pm both days! Although 1100 paddlers on the water are entertaining enough, the festival also offers great food and entertainment along with games and activities for the kids! This year the Heart and Stroke Foundation is partnering with FMG's Dragon Boat Festival raising funds to create more survivors of heart of stroke. Don't miss the chance to see the flower ceremony which honours survivors and those who lost loved ones. Come on down and support this cause and take in some of Saskatoon's best entertainment of the city!


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On Sunday, July 27th, take your on-leashed pet to Saskatoon's Pet's In The Park in Kiwanis Memorial Park between 9:00am- 4:00pm. Another fun-fundraising event in Saskatoon, raising money for local animal shelters so that medical care and food is provided for animals without a home. From demonstrations, live music, vendor booths, pet portraits, silent auctions and more, this is the perfect event for your furry friend. Come and help support animals in need and give your's some pampering for the afternoon!


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Saskatoon Businesses Care for our Community

posted by My Saskatoon    |   February 1, 2015 10:05

One of the things we at My Saskatoon admire most about locally owned and operated businesses is their willingness to invest in our community. The more we engage with local business owners, the more we learn about the passion each one has for a particular non-profit, charity, or social cause in Saskatoon. With this in mind, we designed our One-to-One advertising campaign to enable local businesses to support local charities and non-profits with their advertising dollars. For every advertisement purchased by a local businesses on My Saskatoon, an advertisement of equal value is provided to a local charity or non-profit on Give Back Saskatoon, completely free of charge. Through this initiative, our goal is to increase the online visibility of local charities and non-profit organizations who are committed to improving the livelihood of our city. 

Today we are featuring two great local businesses who are part of our My Saskatoon community, both of whom have chosen to support local organizations focused on children. With huge hearts for the wellbeing and happiness of the children in our city, both Haven Builders and Maaco Saskatoon have been committed to local children's organizations for many years. Read on for more about their wonderful chosen organizations!

Haven Builders & Hands On Street Ministries 

Nathan and Kim Stobbe started Haven Builders because they had the desire to give back to the community and wanted to invest their time and money in something they could take out of in order to give back. Hands On Street Ministries provides a safe place for Saskatoon's kids and youth who are struggling with the necessities of life, and has been a part of Haven Builders' give back strategy for years. With an approach centred on love and nurturing, Hands On Street Ministries gives kids a peaceful environment in which to hang out and be themselves. Several years ago, Haven Builders was drawn to encourage the empowerment that Hands On Street Ministries provides to inner city kids, and continues to support Hands On in a variety of ways. For a deeper look at Hands on Street Ministries, read our interview with the organization's founder, Rick Langlais. 

Maaco Saskatoon & Day of Play

Maaco Saskatoon has always been a supporter of local non-profits, with a focus on children’s charities in particular. Starting in 2011 as a simple tea party in memory of Rayna Korte, Day of Play has grown to become an annual fundraiser filled with fun for the whole family in South Kiwanis Park. Through relationships with the initial organizers of Day of Play, Maaco became involved with the event in its first year and has been a big supporter of it ever since. Day of Play is now operated each year in support of Crisis Nursery, a local organization dedicated to providing a home away from home for children whose families encounter a crisis. For more on the inspiration behind Day of Play, read our interview with one of it's founders, Leanne Thompson-Hill. 


Jason at Maaco Saskatoon recently shared with us his belief that "it's our community that supports us and enables us to do what we do, and we want to give back by supporting others. The more you put into the community, the more you’re going to get back. The motive isn’t to get something back, but to share what you’ve got to give because it makes things better for everyone. Saskatoon wouldn’t be as nice a place to live if people didn’t contribute."

We whole heartedly agree! 

Read our interviews with Jason at Maaco Saskatoon and Sheri at Haven Builders to learn more about these big-hearted local businesses!

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