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Wedding Photography in Saskatoon

posted by My Saskatoon    |   January 26, 2015 16:33

If you’re a bride-to-be, chances are you’ve spent some time on popular wedding blogs browsing through endless photos of beautifully styled weddings. This might seem like nothing more than a guilty pleasure that you can now justify because you are engaged, but it can actually be a huge help in the wedding planning process. Browsing online can be a great technique for discovering the way you want your wedding to look and the photography style in which you would like it captured. Consider it research! Of course Pinterest is a great tool for building a collection of all the ideas you love most, and it can serve as a launch pad for putting inspiration into action. 


Once you have an idea of the style of wedding you’d like to have, you’ll be better equipped to choose a photographer who fits with your vision. You’ll want to make this decision fairly early on, as photographers can book up a year or more in advance and you’ll want to get going on that engagement session that is often included in wedding photography packages!


We recently interviewed local wedding photographer Allison Rawlings of Esprit Photography, and loved her piece of advice about choosing a photographer for your big day. She stressed the importance of not only loving the photographer’s style, but also liking them as a person! You are, after all, going to be spending a large portion of your wedding day with them. Check out this week’s Featured Article for more from Allison on the subject of wedding photography.


Most photographers like to set up a meet and greet prior to booking, which is a great opportunity for you to get a feel for what he or she is like before you commit. Open communication with your potential photographer is paramount, and its important for you to ask questions and to bring up items of importance with regards to photos. If there are particular shots you want (or don’t want) to have taken, you should be sure to express your desires so that you can get a sense of what the photographer is comfortable with. Do you like creative, fun shots? Dramatic, sensual poses? Artistic landscape shots? Are there certain moments that you'll want captured? Photo galleries on the photographer’s website usually give a nice representation of the type of shots he or she naturally goes for during a shoot, but its a good idea to discuss your desires verbally to ensure you are on the same page. 


Of all these things, our opinion is that the most important thing is to be yourself, no matter what style of photography you choose or what shots you arrange to have taken. Fun poses and props can be a lot of fun and have great results, and intimate moments can translate beautifully in photos. Regardless of what you and your photographer decide on, each and every photo will turn out amazing when the real you is shining through the camera. 

Featured in today's post is local Saskatoon business Esprit Photography. Committed to giving couples the opportunity to walk away from their wedding day with more than just stunning photos, Esprit Photography strives to ensure that their wedding day is as stress-free and enjoyable as possible. Connect with Esprit Photography on Facebook to view the latest photo shoots by this awesome husband and wife team! 

For more wedding photography inspiration, pay a visit to our Wedding Photography board on Pinterest!

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Bridal Wellbeing in Saskatoon

posted by My Saskatoon    |   January 18, 2015 22:50

Ahhhh, engagement- such a wonderful time of expectancy and joy. But amidst the euphoria of becoming a fiancé, the parties and the showers, and the constant buzz surrounding your new relationship status, the reality of actually planning a wedding will eventually set in (if it hasn't already!). While many brides truly enjoy the planning process, the difficult decisions, family politics, and intricate coordination required in organizing the day can be emotionally and physically taxing. Fortunately, you can keep stress at bay by adhering to two basic principles. 

We all know that exercise and nutrition are the two most important contributors to overall wellbeing, and now is not the time to let these things slide (no matter how busy you get). Aside from the obvious physical benefits, smart decisions regarding healthy eating and physical activity can have a big impact in managing the stressors that inevitably come with planning a wedding. So we've put together a few tips for Saskatoon brides who are committed to maintaining a healthy body and mind in anticipation of the big day. 

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Pump Up Those Endorphins

Exercise in almost any form can bring major stress relief. If it isn’t already part of your routine, the most important thing is finding an activity that fits well with your lifestyle and extra-busy wedding planning schedule. In this winter climate, if you aren’t open to cross-country skiing or cold weather running, you’ll likely want to consider a membership at a local fitness facility. Snap Fitness, accessible 24 hours a day every day of the week, offers great amenities available on your schedule. Amidst all the things you have to coordinate when planning a wedding, you don’t want to have to struggle to find time for the gym before it closes. 

Locally owned and operated in Saskatoon, Snap Fitness also offers programs that give each member the opportunity to meet with a personal trainer to discuss goals and develop a plan. If you anticipate that committing to a long term exercise program could be challenging for you, the encouragement and support of a personal trainer may be just what you need. Check out our recent interview with Hailey Baron, co-owner of Snap Fitness, as she shares more about personal training at Snap Fitness as well as her own tried and tested fitness tips for brides. 

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Working out at home can also be a great way to fit in exercise on a tight schedule. Whether you're just getting started or stepping up your workout game, local Saskatoon business Fitness Solutions has everything you need for any style of exercise. Fitness Solutions brings in products from specialty fitness companies, and has everything from fitness accessories to complete workout systems and equipment. If you're looking for kettle bells, a TRX system, or you just want a yoga mat to do floor exercises on, stop by and chat with the knowledgeable staff and they will set you up with everything you need to achieve your goals. If you aren't sure where to start, the folks at Fitness Solutions will ask you questions and guide you in determining the products that will help you get the results you desire.

If you'd like some at-home workout inspiration (as well as recipes and more!), check out our Healthy Bride board on Pinterest. 

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Fuel Your Body

As important as exercise is in stress management and overall wellness, perhaps even more important is healthy eating. Meals made with fresh, whole foods are essential in getting the nutrition both your body and brain need to combat stress. There are a vast number of opinions out there with regards to the healthiest foods or best ways of eating, so we recommend that you research sources you trust to determine what is best for you.

If you have set a fitness goal in anticipation of your wedding, you may want to consider a nutritional supplement that will ensure you are getting the fuel your body needs to make the most of your workouts. Great for brides who are on the go, the range of nutritional products available at Believe Fit includes high quality, delicious, functional foods. Stop by Believe Fit in The Mall at Lawson Heights to chat with the experts about the best ways for you to supplement your workouts with nutrition. Believe Fit, locally owned and operated in Saskatoon, is also the exclusive distributor of Lorna Jane, a beautiful active life apparel brand out of Australia. Treat yourself to a fun new printed workout tank next time you reach a fitness goal! 

Photo Credit: Believe Fit

Every bride wants to look and feel her best on her big day. From reducing stress to boosting energy levels, a healthy diet and active lifestyle are key elements of bridal wellbeing. We hope that with these things in mind, you'll take the steps to ensure that you are feeling radiant, relaxed, and ready for one of the most wonderful days of your life. 

Featured in today's post are local businesses Snap Fitness, Fitness Solutions, and Believe Fit. These businesses are owned and operated by some of Saskatoon's most knowledgeable and encouraging health and fitness experts. Whether you have a specific fitness goal in mind or are simply looking for products that will help you to maintain a healthy lifestyle, these folks have got the experience and expertise to provide you with the advice you need. Connect with these great local Saskatoon businesses on social media to stay in the know about upcoming promotions, new products, and local events.

All About Wedding Flowers in Saskatoon

posted by My Saskatoon    |   January 9, 2015 13:14

If you get engaged, the odds are that it'll happen sometime between November and February. Our guess is that it's the holiday cheer, romantic snowy backdrops, vacations, and family gatherings that make wintertime so popular for engagements. December has been dubbed "Engagement Month", and year after year, Christmas and New Year's are two of the most popular days for people to get down on bended knee. If you're one of the lucky ones to have received a sparkly bauble from your love this holiday season, you've probably already been scouring Pinterest for wedding inspiration.

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These days, many couples are choosing to forgo some long-standing customs in favour of a simpler day or traditions with a twist. But flowers, with their obvious beauty and life, are one thing that most every bride incorporates into her wedding day in some way. Whether you've always had a vision for your wedding flowers or are completely unsure of the direction you want to go, here are a few things to consider when choosing the perfect blossoms for your big day. 

To DIY, or not to DIY?

There are so many gorgeous and very doable wedding DIY ideas out there, but flowers are one thing for which you will likely want to enlist the help of an expert. Putting together a solid bouquet that will last can be challenging, and since blooms are perishable, you don't want to be the one scrambling to put together bouquets the night before the wedding. It also depends on the look you're going for. If you want a bouquet that is flawlessly magazine-worthy, you will definitely want professional help. But if you have helping hands and you're willing to go the DIY route, Michelle's Flowers on Fairlight Drive can help you choose the perfect flowers to fit your vision, and also offers bouquet classes to brides who are looking to save some money by putting bouquets together themselves. Michelle and her staff can walk you and your girls through the bouquet building process and will give you invaluable tips and tricks to ensure a stress free DIY experience. 

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Other Ways to Save 

DIY wedding flowers are just one of the many ways to cut costs. Choosing blooms that are locally in season can also help you to stay within your budget for flowers. Your florist can probably source almost any flower at any time of year- if you're willing to pay the price. Flowers that are in-season and easily sourced will be less expensive, so asking a professional like Michelle for advice in this area is a good plan. Another idea: Adding bulk to your bouquet with textured greenery can be visually stunning and easy on the wallet. Brides are even choosing to include non-traditional items in their bouquets, such as vegetables, herbs, feathers, and wheat. Incorporating unique items such as these can be an inexpensive way to add interest and intrigue to your bouquets. 

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What's trending?

In terms of specific blooms, lavender, peonies, and ranunculus are slated to be hot for 2015 weddings. Flower crowns will also be big this year. Flower crowns are versatile and can be designed to extend across a variety of wedding themes. Celebrity wedding inspired floral design that is all about volume will also be popular in 2015 for couples who have the budget for it. It's achieved with a ton of luxurious, romantic blooms that are tightly arranged and light on foliage. Counter to this luxe look is the garden theme, a trend that is more wild in nature and is marked by unstructured, mixed bouquets. For more on the latest in wedding flowers, check out our recent interview with Michelle as she shares the trends she has observed in her work as both a local florist and wedding photographer.

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We'd like to extend a big congratulations to all of the newly engaged in Saskatoon, and we wish you the best, most stress-free time planning your wedding! If you'd like some more lovely wedding inspiration, take a look at some of our absolute favourite bouquets on our latest Pinterest board. We'll be posting more wedding-related blog posts on My Saskatoon throughout January, so stay tuned!   

Featured in today's post is locally owned and operated business Michelle's Flowers. Owner Michelle LaPointe opened Michelle's Flowers in Saskatoon with the vision of a flower shop that provides more than just flowers. Today, alongside the bustling shop, Michelle applies her passion and talents to Saskatoon's wedding industry in a variety of ways.

Read our recent interview with Michelle here.  

Connect with Michelle's Flowers on social media, view hours of operation, and more here.  

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