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I Wanna be a Rock Star!

posted by David    |   April 29, 2014 10:32

I always wanted to be a rock star. In my teenage years, that changed to freestyle rapper. We all should be happy that neither of these two dreams came to fruition, since keeping a beat or consistent tone have never come naturally. Thankfully, I can live out these dreams through the lives of others. 

I went to “The Duo” Season 4 finale last year at TCU Place, where the incredibly talented Denise & Brock rocked out to Natural Woman by Aretha Franklin and won the $10,000 grand prize. This event featured some of the best young artists in the Saskatoon area, and got me excited about the budding arts community in Saskatoon.

Denise & Brock

Photo Credit: Mark Tiu Photography

The Saskatoon Arts community is growing, not only with amazing homegrown talent, but with the infrastructure to support it. Two local film companies, Sica Films and Fahrenheit Films, have taken the lead in producing high end Saskatoon content. If you are an aspiring artist, these two companies can help take you to the next level.

Sica Films prides itself on telling important stories through photo, video, and time-lapse, with artistry, skill and heart. Taking a look through their portfolio, Sica features a music video created for local band Gunner & Smith's song “Towns”. They do a wonderful job creating artistic imagery to go with the song’s themes. If you are looking for an artistic masterpiece, go with Sica Films. 

Fahrenheit Films is an award winning full service film and video production company whose primary mission is to create “kick ass music videos that make our clients look great.”  They have done music videos for many Canadian country music talents like Chad Brownlee, Jason Blaine, and Shane Yellowbird. Fahrenheit Films is based in Saskatoon and gives artists a little extra swagger in their music videos or TV shows. If you are looking for a “kick ass” music video, choose Fahrenheit Films. 

While I may not be the next Saskatoon rock star, you might be. If you are a local artist looking for a professional music video, check out both Sica and Fahrenheit films. They will give you the professional support you need to help you build your career. And when you hit it big, don’t get weirded out when I start living my dream through you! 

History by Chance in Saskatoon

posted by David    |   April 11, 2014 15:17
Think of the three most memorable experiences in your life. Did one, two, or all three depend upon a chance occurrence? Something that “just happened” to take place to propel you to where you are today? Did you meet your lovely spouse while taking a random walk somewhere? Did you get the job you wanted because the timing just happened to work out perfectly? When you were down and out, did a stranger reach out their hand to help you, motivating you to do the same in other people’s lives? Many of the most memorable positive experiences that happen in our lives, happen by chance.
Albert Bandura, former president of the American Psychological Association, says that “chance encounters play a prominent role in shaping the course of human lives” (source). This is indeed true. The day I met my wife, I was her server at a restaurant in town. This chance occurrence has shaped my life dramatically, not only making me more fashion conscious, because wives do that, but by giving me a lifelong partner to share ideas with. It is amazing to think that having her in my life was at least somewhat left to chance.
Near the Midtown Plaza in downtown Saskatoon, there is a sculpture representing a chance occurrence that helped shape our entire country. In 1911, when the Midtown Plaza was actually a train station, Prime Minister Sir Wilfred Laurier (the man on the Canadian 5 dollar bill) stepped off the train and bought a newspaper from a young boy. He talked to this boy for awhile, but the boy cut the conversation short because of all the work he had to do delivering papers. This boy was John Diefenbaker, who 46 years later would follow suit and become Prime Minster of Canada as well.
Chance occurrences have the ability to shape our lives. The next time you are shopping at the Midtown, take a second to check out the Laurier - Diefenbaker statue located near the intersection of 1st Ave South and 21st Street East, and share the story of how this chance occurrence in Saskatoon helped shape our nation. 

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A New Spin on Entertainment at Hunter's Bowling Centres in Saskatoon

posted by Noël    |   March 21, 2014 11:22

Bowling has always been a family favourite for my husband's side of the family.  Nearly every weekend, when my husband and his younger brother were just little kiddos, my mother-in-law would make the trek to the local bowling alley and cheer on the boys during their league matches.  My husband still has some of his awards from back in the day, and I'll be honest - I'm impressed. Some of his scores as an eight year old are higher then what I can normally achieve as an adult! With this kind of love for the game, it was only natural that our family found itself at the Hunter's Bowling Centre in Eastview last weekend, celebrating my husband's 31st birthday.

Given that it was a Sunday I wasn't sure if the place would be packed out or not, but driving up to the bowling alley and seeing all the vehicles, I began to reminisce of the days when my own father would take me to the Eastview bowling alley on the weekends to teach me how to play 10-pin like a pro!  

As we entered the building, the music was playing, the black lights were on, and every lane was humming with the cheers of little kiddos. The bowling alley was hoppin'! 

As I quickly took a look around, it became more and more apparent that this was definitely the place you'd want to take your kids on the weekend to burn off some energy!  

The music was family friendly, and even though everything in there was catered to the kids, wouldn't you know it, the adults looked like they were having a great time! The best part of the experience was seeing the majority of adults making use of the kid-friendly gutter-guards to improve their overall scores! 

All in all, the experience was fantastic! I don't think I stopped laughing or smiling once during the entire two hours we were there. I laughed especially hard when my father-in-law ripped his pants while executing a game-changing strike. Our family is slightly competitive.

If you haven't experienced the Hunter's Bowling alleys in Eastview or in Fairhaven, then you really do need to get down to one of those locations and experience Hunter's Bowling Centres' spin on entertainment, especially if you have children or are planning an event. Check out their website for the different types of events available at the bowling alley.  

If you're thinking, "Well, I'm not the best of bowlers", don't worry, go on the weekend when the gutter-guards are up, or just enjoy the experience by relaxing in their Bar & Grill

Alternative Fitness in Saskatoon

posted by Elle    |   March 17, 2014 15:25

I've noticed that the face of the fitness industry in Saskatoon has really diversified in the past few years. The days of regular gyms as the primary option for membership-based fitness are gone. While many local gyms offer a range of classes like Zumba and spinning, new facilities have been bringing even more variety to the table, specializing in forms of exercise I didn't even know existed! There are now so many unique opportunities for Saskatoon residents who are looking to get and stay fit. 

I, personally, am tired of slugging it out on the treadmill while watching The Food Network, or doing bicep curls in front of the mirror at the gym. There are facilities in Saskatoon that I've heard great things about, that offer unique fitness experiences, great customer service, and fun atmosphere. Smaller, more focused fitness facilities seem to bring about a unique sense of community that I think also adds a great deal of value to a workout. I can't wait to try out these local alternatives! It is my goal to visit each of them as I kick up my physical activity, now that hibernation season is coming to an end. 

Photo Credit: Club Mynx

Aerial Fitness

This is one of the newest forms of fitness that has been popping up in Saskatoon lately. Club Mynx, which has been established for quite a few years, seems to be constantly adding to its repertoire of classes. To my knowledge, Club Mynx started with pole fitness, and has now expanded to include a large focus on aerial fitness, including Aerial Fly Fitness, Aerial Hoop, and Aerial Silks. While I have yet to try any form of aerial fitness, it really intrigues me. As a former gymnast, I am drawn to any form of performance-inspired exercise. The pictures on Club Mynx's website of athletes in action is awe-inspiring! Club Mynx also gives back into our community through its Create A Sparkle classes. 


This is another sport I would absolutely love to try. I tend to enjoy exercising a lot more when there is some sort of goal involved (other than simply getting through it). So, the idea of climbing and having a certain height reached or route completed would motivate me, I think. I also think it might be kind of thrilling! Again, I have yet to try climbing (aside from a Grade 10 field trip), so I am just making assumptions. Grip It Climbing seems to be a great option in Saskatoon, and I plan to check it out.  

Functional Fitness

When I first saw Freedom Functional Fitness opening up on the corner of Idylwyld and 20th Street, I was curious to know what exactly "functional fitness" means. Freedom's website describes this type of fitness as being derived from movements that we naturally engage in over the course of a day. While I have yet to visit this gym, it sounds like it offers unique group classes with a personalized focus. Sounds like a fun way to work out! I've heard the facility is beautiful. 


This is one activity that I do have some experience with, and is probably now at the point of being so mainstream that it isn't even considered an alternative form of fitness. However, there are so many great yoga studios in Saskatoon that are worth mentioning, and I want to take this opportunity to give shootouts two a couple of them! One Yoga is a great local yoga studio, offering a variety of Vinyasa yoga classes. From my experience, the teachers at One Yoga are fantastic. I personally love hot yoga as well, and have dropped in on classes at Moksha Yoga. I love that both of these studios offers Karma Classes, which support local non-profit organizations and charities. 

I can't wait to give each of these unique local Saskatoon fitness spots a try this spring! If you've had an experience with any of the ones mentioned in this post, let me know in the comments- its always nice to have some pointers going into a new experience, especially one that requires dangling from the ceiling!  

Meewasin's Pelican Watch Contest

posted by David    |   March 12, 2014 15:14

Competition creates an environment for people to do things they probably would never do otherwise. In October 2012, more than 245 combines moved in unison in a field near Saskatoon. Why? To break a Guinness World Record for most combines harvesting the same field at the same time. Check the article out here. One of the combine drivers involved in this event noted that "in Saskatchewan we rally around each other to get things done." Community is important to us. 

I have just entered into a local contest. And no, Honey, it is not "which husband can do the most yard work this summer?" I entered the Pelican Watch Contest, put on by the Meewasin Valley Centre in Saskatoon. I'm told the arrival of these birds has historically marked the beginning of spring, so they can't come soon enough!

Photo Credit: Meewasin Valley Centre

The American White Pelican is one of the largest birds on the continent. They weigh around 10 kilograms and have a wingspan of 3 metres. They have been a beautiful sight on the South Saskatchewan River since the late 1970's. Sometimes its more difficult to appreciate beauty in our hometowns, but I would suggest taking a walk down the Realty Executives Boardwalk this summer to see these great birds. 

I would also suggest entering the contest. I'm not going to tell you what time I guessed, because I want to win one of the prizes. They include binoculars from Don's Photo, an overnight stay at the White Pelican Bed & Breakfast, or for kids, a Homestead Ice Cream party in their school classroom. Community is important to us, so even if we are not natural bird watchers, lets rally together and support this local contest. 

5 Tips to help you choose the right Realtor in Saskatoon

posted by Noël    |   March 5, 2014 18:43

According to the Saskatoon Region Association of Realtors' website, there are approximately 600 licensed agents and registered salespeople in 46 member offices in the city of Saskatoon.  So, that means that if you are looking to buy or sell a home in Saskatoon and don't yet have a Realtor, don't worry, there are 600 potential candidates ready and eagerly awaiting your call! Overwhelming much?! I think so. 

How do you even begin to narrow down the search for a quality real estate agent? Of course I went to Google to find the answers.  After reading site after site, I narrowed the search criteria to these 5 helpful tips you can use when choosing a Realtor to assist you in buying or selling a home in Saskatoon.

1. Know your needs and wants in a real estate agent.

Put together a list of your needs and wants in a Realtor.  Be as specific as you can and don't forget to identify the kind of personality you'd like them to have!

2. Ask your friends and family. Get some quality referrals! 

Family and friends are a great place to start your search.  They are more likely to share with you their good, bad, and ugly experiences with their real estate agent or agents in the city.  

3. Research the agents before you call. 

Once you have a hearty list of real estate agents, search them on Google and see what comes up! Many times Realtors will have a website, be on social media, and possibly have reviews from past clients online.

4. Review the agent's list of properties for sale. 

A Realtor with a generous list of homes for sale can be an indicator of their industry experience, personal drive, and success rate as a Realtor.  Review the home styles, neighbourhoods, and prices listed to see if the homes currently match what you are looking for or what you are hoping to sell.

5. Set up meet-and-greets with more than one Realtor.

Finding the right fit matters! By far, I think that this is the most important part of the search. There is nothing more exciting than working with a Realtor you actually like! The process of buying or selling a home can be a roller coaster of emotions at times, so working with someone who can keep your spirits lifted and keep you pointed in the right direction is imperative.  When my husband and I were in the market for our home in Saskatoon, we always looked forward to meeting with our Realtor Ellen Nasser.  It never failed, Ellen always had a way of keeping our house hunting momentum rolling, while making sure that our needs and wants were being met from all angles.  Ellen was a great match for us because she not only mirrored our enthusiasm and drive, but she also had the industry experience and market knowledge that we were hoping for in a real estate agent. 

I hope that these 5 easy tips can assist you in finding the right real estate agent in Saskatoon.

Happy Realtor Hunting!

If you've had a great experience with a local Realtor, tell us by leaving a comment below or by sharing your story on My Saskatoon's Facebook page.

Enjoy your yard to the fullest this summer!

posted by Noël    |   March 3, 2014 13:13
Although the weather this past weekend didn't give even a hint that spring is around the corner, my husband and I are already trying to determine how we will tackle our landscaping project once the snow melts.  I recently received the latest magazine edition of This Old House and stumbled upon an article titled "How to Pick The Right Mulch".  What I really enjoy about this magazine is that there are tons of practical DIY projects and ideas found from cover to cover.  I love practical.  There is nothing worse then seeing a project you like and then realizing it's far more complicated than you initially thought. And who are you kidding, in the long run it would be so much wiser to either hire a professional or purchase the product off the shelf.  Often I find myself in this situation, so I am always refreshed after reading This Old House because it gives me hope that I can conquer a DIY project with ease. 
 Photo Credit : Man Made DIY
We've been contemplating putting in grass, turf, or possibly just doing a hardscape for our yard. What is important to us is that whatever we do, it must be low maintenance and easy for us to enjoy. At this point in the game, we are leading towards a hardscape.  My husband and I are by no means landscape artists, so we will definitely be outsourcing this project to the professionals. But this article, which can also be found online, provided me with a bit more knowledge when it comes to the different kinds of mulch options available, based upon our climate, location, and aesthetic desires. 
If you are the handy type, and landscaping is totally within your realm of abilities, here are a list of a few local garden centres in Saskatoon where you can find all the landscaping materials you'll need this Spring: 
If you're not the handy type, and want to talk to a professional, here are a few Trusted local businesses to consider when vetting landscaping companies in Saskatoon.
Artificial grass is a big thing this year, and Quick Turf is one local company that is on our radar if its something you're interested in. Local business also (surprisingly!) carries a great brand of aricifical grass, if you're handy and interested in purchasing some to install yourself. 
My husband and I haven't contacted a landscaping company as of yet, so we are definitely open to hearing suggestions from you, especially if you've had a great experience with a local company. 
Even though the snow doesn't seem to be disappearing anytime soon, my hopes are high for the landscaping possibilities this coming spring.  I can't wait to add some curb appeal to our home!

Capelli Salon Studio Masters Men's Haircuts

posted by David    |   February 20, 2014 11:38
Getting my hair cut requires a high level of trust in the hairstylist who is cutting my hair. Now you might be thinking, “aren’t men’s cuts the easiest"? I hate to break it to you, but they are quite the opposite.  They’re not easy because there isn’t a lot of hair to work with if the stylist makes a mistake.  I can’t wear my hair in a ponytail or part it differently; however, some men are opting for the longer fancier looks these days, and perhaps this is a result of disastrous haircuts. For many men, the difference between a good cut and a bad cut might be his ability to secure that date he’s been after.
As a married man, I could probably get away with the classic bowl cut, however I’m still interested in regularly securing that date with my wife.  So, when it comes to choosing a hairstylist, I’m fairly picky and once I find said hairstylist I become a lasting repeat client. 
Now there is nothing worse then finding a stylist you trust, only to hear the news that they are moving and will no longer be able to cut your hair; this very thing happened to me. The hunt for a new hairstylist can be frustrating and unpredictable. Luckily, my wife has never held back from sharing with me her exceptional experiences at Capelli Salon Studio, located in University Heights.  So on good authority, I decided to take the leap and book in with one of Capelli’s hairstylists.  
 photo credit: Capelli Salon Studio
Upon my arrival, the first thing I noticed was that the hair salon was very clean, modern, and inviting. I knew from conversations with my wife that this was an Aveda Salon, which means they exclusively use Aveda products and all of the hairstylists receive specific training in order to use the products. This extra qualification was good for my trust issue, and the general professional caliber I witnessed while in the entryway quashed any other fears I had about a potential botch job.  
After being seated in the stylist's chair, I was treated to quite the experience, including a scalp massage to start. Further pampering continued with the ability to browse the Internet on an iPad during the haircut, and (although a little embarrassing) I even received an eyebrow trim for those unruly hairs. 
Since my first experience at Capelli, I’ve gone several times and have seen different stylists on each occasion.  Every time I go to the salon, the stylist exceeds my expectations, and I have yet to walk out of an appointment with that seemingly unavoidable botch job of the past.
If you are at all like me, and feel more comfortable going to highly qualified hairstylists, I would definitely recommend Capelli Salon Studio in Saskatoon.

Olympic dreams can start in Saskatoon!

posted by David    |   February 18, 2014 12:21

Proud is the word that comes to mind when I think of our Canadian athletes in the 2014 Sochi Olympic Games. This is the second Olympics in a row where Canadian athletes have displayed to the world our prowess in winter sports. Not only are we competing well, but we are finishing on the podium consistently. As I am watching the Canadian flag being raised once again for our Silver medalist figure skaters, Tessa Virtue and Scott Moir, I feel this emotion again. Pride. Proud to be Canadian.

The road to the Olympics always begins somewhere. For Virtue and Moir, who began skating together at ages around 10 and 12, they took advantage of local skating programs and competitions to grow in their ability. When I think about this fact, it means that many of our next generation of athletes are currently in these local city programs around the country, and that the strength of these programs will determine the strength of our athletes in the years to come. This means we all can play a part in helping our kids become world champions.

In Saskatoon, we have many strong programs producing very high calibre athletes. For example, the Saskatchewan Speed Skating Association has been working hard for years to produce high calibre athletes. They helped produce Catriona LeMay Doan, a two time Olympic gold medalist, who broke 13 world records throughout her career. Today, 16 year old Saskatoon native Juliette Wheler is soaring up the ranks preparing to compete at the Junior World Championships in Norway this March, competing in the 500m, 1000m, 1500m, and the 3,000m.    
If the Olympics has inspired you or your children to take up one of the sports featured during the games, here is a list of athletic clubs in Saskatoon to consider checking out: 
It’s amazing to think that many of our athletic programs in Saskatoon can start the journey of producing high calibre athletes, who one day could very well be on the Olympic podium accepting a medal and singing our national anthem.

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Dating My Wife in Saskatoon

posted by David    |   January 29, 2014 12:26

As I sit in my living room with my wife watching The Bachelor, and I am trying to find the “reality” in the show. In what world does one guy get to choose between 27 women who have some fantasized version of who he is? That didn’t happen in my life. I had to actually win a woman’s heart through effort, charm, and a little bit of luck. In the end though, just like Juan Pablo, I ended up with a woman who is totally out of my league. 

I was in a wedding recently, and during the ceremony, the wedding officiant challenged everyone to keep variety in the love they share with their significant other. Basically this means don’t just sit and watch TV together every night (and here I am in front of the TV watching The Bachelor with my wife). I felt the conviction in his words. Maybe I was getting a little lazy, and not pursuing my wife like I did when we were dating. So, what should I do?

Our lives have changed since my wife and I dated. We both have a lot less time, so I decided to come up with something simple, yet meaningful. My first move was not extravagant. I bought some wine and flowers, barbecued some steak, and had dinner ready for my wife when she got home. Well, that was the plan. Turns out my wife got home while I was still setting up and the steak tasted like an old sweater (not my fault!). However, my wife praised my effort and felt loved, so it worked out. 

My failed attempt got me thinking, what are some great date ideas in our city? Ideas that would make our wives feel loved, but that any husband could do with a minimal prep time commitment. Ideas that would spice up our lives and add that much needed variety. I’ll share a few ideas of my own, but if you have a good idea, be sure to leave a comment with your best date idea in Saskatoon on our Facebook Page.

Sign up for dancing classes together.

Neuroscience has shown that when people learn new skills and see each other in different settings, they become connected in a new way and their love grows. So commit to learning a new type of dance with your wife, and in the process, commit to spending one night out a week with her. Dance Class Saskatoon and West Coast Swing Saskatoon are two great options to check out if you're interested in taking a class with your special someone. 

Help someone together.

Brainstorm together someone you know who needs a helping hand at the moment. Once you pick your target, choose a way that both of you could help them. Go and buy the gift or do the act of helping together. Doing something kind for someone, together, will grow your love for each other.  

Be tourists in your own city. 

Find a local tourist attraction and go together, pretending you are tourists. Take pictures, and dress up like you are on vacation. This acts as a fun little escape in our city. Visit the Museum of Antiquities at the U of S, or check out the latest exhibition at the Mendel Art Gallery.

Do you have any unique date ideas to try in Saskatoon? 


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