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Liberty Homes - A Perfected Craft

posted by My Saskatoon    |   February 27, 2018 16:10

As a home builder, your craft and your art are displayed permanently, for all the world to see (especially with Google maps). While the outward appearance is a significant indicator of what a potential purchaser will see inside, what you see when you walk through the door is still not a complete picture.

An often-overlooked part of purchasing or building a home, is the quality of what’s inside the walls – insulation, the electrical, plumbing, heating and any other unseen necessities. When you hear the cliché, “It’s what’s inside that counts,” it truly applies to your home!

Liberty Homes recognizes that what you don’t see is just as crucial to the process as what you do see. The groundwork, the foundation and the inner workings are fundamental to ensuring the proverbial “brick and mortar” will stand the test of time.  Without those initial stages being treated with utmost importance, problems are to be expected.

There are so many considerations to be made when you are thinking of building or renovating. Liberty Homes believes that their clients should be able to ask the hard questions – and are encouraged to do so – in order to have confidence in the build process.

What kinds of questions should you be asking? No question about your future home should be off limits. Ask what brands are used, for example. Do your own due diligence on that brand, be comfortable with those choices, and don’t feel bad about it. Your home is one of the most important investments you will make in your life, and you will be creating many of your life’s memories there, so you want it to be done right the first time.

When the keys are turned over after a build is complete, you then become the owner of a work of art that has taken months for Liberty Homes to create from the inside out, something they don’t take lightly. From the first step to the last, they have perfected their craft.


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