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Esprit Photography
Esprit Photography
Esprit Photography
Esprit Photography
Esprit Photography
Esprit Photography
Esprit Photography
PO Box 162
Saskatoon, SK, S7K 3K4
Phone: (306) 270-5546
Tristan and Allison Rawlings are the husband and wife team behind Esprit Photography. They love people and are passionate about marriage, and are masters at capturing the emotion that occurs naturally as couples interact on their wedding day.
Read on as Allison shares with us the things that she is inspired by, her advice for looking great in photos, and what couples should consider when choosing a wedding photographer.
What drew you to a career in photography?
My kids! I loved capturing every detail of my children when they were small. As time went on and people saw my pictures they wanted me to do photos for them as well. I took some photography courses and it just evolved into a full time business. To this day I still take time to learn and practice to enhance my craft.
What do you love most about your job?
I love getting to know our brides and grooms and capturing beautiful memories that they get to enjoy for the rest of their lives. It’s very rewarding.
How would you describe your photography style?
Elegantly romantic and passionate.
Do you photograph weddings exclusively?
We do corporate photography, weddings and engagements.
What gives you ideas and inspires you?
Anything around me inspires me. I may see an ad in the paper or online and be inspired by that. I love clothing ads. I very much get inspiration from high end boutiques as well.
How do you choose the location for the photo shoot?
We always start with the bride and groom to see what they envision! A lot of times they may not know what location they want, so we talk about their personal style, colors they like and whether they would prefer a classic wedding look or modern and edgy. I get my ideas for where to go from who they are and what they want.
Is there a location in Saskatoon that you’ve particularly loved shooting?
Anything that is different and makes people wonder where it is – that’s my favorite! I love location scouting and finding nooks and crannies that people would normally miss!
How do you turn a rainy day into an opportunity for beautiful photos?
I love to make an indoor location moody with lighting. Also, if it’s a light rain getting some shots with umbrellas is super fun.
How do you make couples feel comfortable in front of the camera?
We just have fun with them! My adventures to ‘get the shot’ would make anyone laugh. I make our session very natural. Everyone always says after their shoot with us how much fun they had! My reply? ‘Well, of course it was!’
What’s your advice for couples to ensure that they look great in their photos?
Wear clothes they love and are comfortable in! I highly recommend getting your hair and makeup done. It makes you feel like a million bucks. If you feel like that your pictures are going to look like a million bucks too.
What are the decisions a couple needs to make regarding photos prior to the big day (aside from selecting a photographer)?
Trusting your photographer to make the right call on your big day is so important. You may want the perfect location and amazing sun on your wedding day, but that doesn’t always happen. We always come up with a backup plan, but really trusting your photographer to take you to the best place for the situation ahead of time takes the pressure off you on your day.
What sort of album options do you offer?
We offer beautiful Italian albums with every wedding package. Definitely worth meeting with us to see them!
How far in advance do you book?
The summer weddings go very fast. Anywhere from 6 months, but even a year and a half in advance!
What do you think a bride and groom should look for in a wedding photographer?
Choosing a wedding photographer is a big decision! At the end of the day you have your spouse and your wedding memories! Loving the photographer’s work is only the first step though. You also have to like them as people – you spend a full day with them on your wedding day! You have to trust them to do their job and take care of you on this very special day. Take the time to talk to your potential wedding photographer and ask them questions – make sure you are comfortable with them and their style.
We enjoy asking everyone this question: What do you love about Saskatoon?
I love the river area and the farmer’s market. I love the art in this city!
Esprit Photography works hard to provide couples with the opportunity to walk away from their wedding with a great wedding day experience in addition to fabulous photos. Check out Esprit Photography's online galleries for a deeper look at Tristan and Allison's stunning photographic style.
Your wedding photos will be the most important keepsakes from your special day, and the photographer you choose will dictate how those memories are captured. If you are interested in sitting down with Allison and Tristan to learn more about their wedding photography packages, give Esprit Photography a call today!