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Saskatoon Asian Restaurant
Saskatoon Asian Restaurant
Saskatoon Asian Restaurant
Saskatoon Asian Restaurant
Saskatoon Asian Restaurant
Saskatoon Asian Restaurant
136 2nd Avenue South
Saskatoon, SK, S7K 1K5
Phone: (306) 665-5959
With new ownership in September 2014, Saskatoon Asian Restaurant provides quick service in a welcoming environment. Located on 2nd Avenue, it is the perfect spot for short lunch break downtown or business meeting.
We sat down with owner Kit Vong to chat about the way the restaurant has changed under new ownership. Read on as we discuss the restaurant’s most popular dishes, reliable catering service, and inviting atmosphere.
How has Saskatoon Asian Restaurant changed since you took over?
Since we took ownership six months ago, I would say that the biggest change would be speed of service. The cooks haven’t changed, so the food has stayed the same, but people who are in a hurry can now get a meal here on a half hour lunch break. We serve a lot of business people in the downtown core of Saskatoon, so it is nice for those who have limited time to be able to come up here and have lunch really quickly. Our goal is to provide prompt service, but in a laid back atmosphere where people can have a business meeting and linger as long as they’d like, without having to worry about getting their meal in time if they need to leave.
Do you serve dinner as well?
We are open until 9:00 in the evening, offering both dinner service and takeout. We deliver anywhere in Saskatoon as well, for those people who don’t want to leave the house! We have a lot of regulars who work or live downtown and like to walk over for their favourite lunch or dinner dish. Our delivery is a lot quicker than it used to be!
How do you provide quality service for your customers?
I would say that our service is higher end, and we provide an inviting atmosphere. Most of our customers like to bring their clients here because we offer quick service in a nice environment, which can be difficult to find. Because we are on the second floor, there are nice views of downtown, and business people bring their clients here because they know we will provide a good experience for them.
What would you say the most popular dishes are?
People love our vermicelli noodle bowls, lemon grass beef on vermicelli, bbq pork and meatballs on vermicelli. We can't forget everyone's favourite, our spring rolls! ,
Would you say your food is authentic?
Thai, Vietnamese, and Chinese cuisine have all kind of crossed over each other, but the Vietnamese ladies in the kitchen say that this type of food is what they would eat in Vietnam!
What do you think people should know about Saskatoon Asian Restaurant?
A lot of people probably don’t know that we cater lunches for offices downtown. If an office orders a large lunch, we put it into nice big trays with nicer plates and settings for them. We have never been late with a catered order. We have our own driver, so businesses can count on us to have their meal there on time. I think people should also know that we are willing to accommodate dietary restrictions for those who have food sensitivities.
We enjoy asking everyone this question: What do you love most about Saskatoon?
The city is not too small, but not too big. It is a good place to raise a family. My kids are in what feels like almost every activity, and I know that if I were to go to Vancouver or Toronto they wouldn’t be able to do half of what they can in Saskatoon.
Pay a visit to Saskatoon Asian Restaurant for delicious food and great service in a comfortable environment. Whether you are arranging a large catered business lunch or simply ordering takeout for yourself, you can place an order with Saskatoon Asian Restaurant by phone or online.?